Cute little FO

A few weeks ago (?) I started sewing a Japanese knot bag out of some cute fabric a friend gave me. I couldn’t get far at that time, due to kids and confusion with the pattern. But today I finished it!

I meant for it to be a project bag, but as soon as it was done, I was heading to the library and stuck my wallet, phone, and keys inside, instead of taking my big (and unnecessary) backpack. It was perfect! Here’s an awkward selfie to document the simultaneous use of handknit sweater, handknit socks, and handmade bag.

Also! Yesterday we went to the beach and the kids decided to wear their recently tie dyed shirts, so here they are in action.

And! My indigo-dyed yarn is finally dry- here’s what they look like.

I’m pleased! Hope you had a good weekend!

Stitches West 2016

Today some fellow Purl Jammers and I attended Stitches West!  I wrote a bit about it for the Purl Jam blog:

I didn’t spend as much time in the marketplace as usual, which was good for my wallet.  I also notice that with every year that I go, I feel less inclined to buy a lot.  But it’s still really fun to see what’s new– patterns, yarns, trends, and to visit favorite booths (I’m looking at you, Miss Babs!

I only ended up buying three things; some Miss Babs Wowza, roving from Wonderland Dyeworks wonderland dyeworks, and roving from Anzula  It was enough!

Here are some fun photos from today (I only took a few all day!!!):

IMG_6076 (1)

Me and Amy at the Mother Bear Project booth




Superhero bears!  Not pictured: Thor and Iron Man.  


There were Downton Abbey-themed yarns and patterns!  Gorgeous!


I’m totally going to try this!!!  


I thought Amy should keep the bear hat!  


The Village Bears!!!!  #1 favorite bears today!


Minneapolis recap

We went to Minneapolis today, and managed to fill the day with activities, right up until 7pm.  Recap!

First off, we joined Mother Bear Project volunteers in sewing hearts onto the Bears. I dropped off my most recent 4.   
Amy met my kids for the first time. 🙂  

i wonder how many of these bears got their hearts sewn on today?


I was very happy that we had the opportunity to check out another LYS, Steven Be! 


I was trying hard to choose one souvenir sock yarn from this Nerd Alert collection. Can you guess which one I chose?
Even the bathroom was fabulous.


Steven showed the Wee Boy the kittens on the patio. ❤
And posed for a fan photo. ❤ ❤


The Wee Girl and I found this crocheted coral reef at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (which is free! Cool!).
As well as this gorgeous quilt.


Next we hit the sculpture garden, which is also free. 

Then, after a quick visit with a. Old friend and his family, we drove the 2 hours back to my parents’ house. Long day!!!!

Carding and spinning.

Apparently I had abundant free time tonight!



I’ve carded 1/2 of my locks, and have done a second run on about half of those. The second carding is a good idea, I think. The batt is much smoother and softer after a second go.

I also started spinning this fiber, mostly because I got tired of carding and couldn’t wait any more …

Stash exchange shame

Tonight was my knitting group’s annual stash exchange, a party where we take our unwanted yarn, pile it on the table, and take turns choosing new-to-us yarns! It’s so much fun! The table starts out overflowing, but by the end it’s sparse. What isn’t chosen gets donated to charity. IMG_6691.JPG IMG_6693.JPG IMG_6692.JPG I was a little dismayed to find myself taking so much home when if promised myself to leave with less than I’d brought.

However, when I break it down, it’s completely reasonable! Bear yarn! Charity yarn doesn’t count toward the stash! IMG_6697.JPG Yarn I’d taken that no one wanted, so I took it home. IMG_6698-1 And that only leaves this! IMG_6700.JPG 3 sock yarns, one skein of bulky handspun, a few skeins of orange wool, and a huge amount of fiber for spinning. Totally reasonable, right?

I am especially motivated to knit this up. This yarn is what we call a Repeat Offender, meaning that it’s shown up at the stash exchange a time or two. This time I plan to ball it up soon and get it knitted up so it doesn’t make another appearance. :0     IMG_6701-0.JPG


Today was a more productive day than usual!  First of all, I sewed up the last strips squares for my quilt top– meaning I have four strips to sew together, then to the bigger piece that’s waiting so patiently.

Ready to become part of the whole quilt!

Ready to become part of the whole quilt!

I took a quick trip to my LYS, Imagiknit, to pick up some yarn I’d ordered for my POP blanket.  And I found some nice things, including these adorable Mochimochi Land kits for knitting these teeny tiny creatures.



And this!  3 feet of fiber for spinning!  If I can work down my fiber stash, and this is still at the shop, I will be super tempted….

3 feet of fiber!

3 feet of fiber!

Their selection of local yarns is getting to be very nice.

Local yarns

Local yarns

This yarn was so thick, it was about as big around as one of my fingers.

Huge yarn!

Huge yarn!

And a trunk show– I’m not sure if this was just Coco Knits or if there were other designers featured here, but they were lovely samples.

Coco Knits

Coco Knits

And later, at the beginning of Knit Night I had this:

Beginning of Knit Night

Beginning of Knit Night

And by the end I had grafted the toes and woven in the ends, with some admiration of my even floats along the way.

My best floats ever?

My best floats ever?

Finished Eisern socks!

Finished Eisern!

Finished Eisern!

Cute bottom.

Cute bottom.


My plan is to focus a little on my POP blanket and the quilt, now that these socks and Halloween costumes are finished.   But I am also feeling the need for an instant gratification project, maybe a hat or some kind of cowl.  Hmmm.


I stopped by my LYS, Imagiknit, (if you come to San Francisco, it’s a great destination!!!) today to pick up some yarn I’d ordered. Here are a few snapshots.

A funny card:


I really love this window display.  Every June, they decorate the window with lots of rainbow-y things for Gay Pride, and it just warms my heart.