Knit night!

Ahhh, Tuesday again.  A few hours of knitting with friends is worth many, many hours of massage, therapy, lounging at the beach, whatever might be therapeutic and relaxing, especially when some of us are crankier than usual…..

I forgot to take photos at Knit Night, so here’s a shot of my two WIPs, a bear for the Mother Bear Project, and my second Chasing Snakes sock.  I probably knit half this sock at knitting tonight.  I haven’t felt very attracted to the knitting, although I think the finished sock is very pretty.  I try to work on this pair when I’m at knitting groups, so I will get a chunk of it done without even noticing the effort I’m putting in.


You may have noticed that I wrote “my two WIPs.”  Yes, I have only two knitting projects on the needles right now!  I tend to be almost monogamous with my knitting, as I prefer to work on my projects until they’re finished, then start another.  I don’t like projects to languish in the closet or on the shelf.  There was a point maybe 5 or 6 years ago when I had too many projects going on at once, and somehow it struck a nerve in this Virgo, and I steadfastly finished all the WIPs, and since then I haven’t had more than about 3 at a time.  In general, one might be kind of challenging, maybe not super portable, and the other is simple, easy to take along and knit in public while carrying on a conversation.  Lately, when I need a super easy project right now, I just cast on another bear.  It’s super simple and only takes a few days, so it’s not a huge commitment, WIP-wise.

How about you?  Do you have lots of projects on the needles (hook, sewing machine, etc), or are you fairly monogamous in your craft?