My Pole Dance socks are in break until tomorrow night, where we will have a toe-down at knit night. I am geekily excited about that!

So in the meantime, I finished a bird nest, knitted an entire one, and started yet another. This is what I’ve done so far:

My plan is to knit nests until I’m out of this purple yarn, then I’ll felt them, and I’ll take a break from knitting nests.

I also decided that my Rose Tyler fingerless gloves had been neglected for far too long, so I picked them up again, only to discover that I had no clue what was going on. It took me about ten minutes to figure out where in the pattern I’d left off. This is a good lesson in WIP management! Don’t have so many projects that you neglect one so badly that you lose your place!

I had planned on tackling them once the socks were completed, anyway…. Which is why I hadn’t let myself wind yarn or swatch for new projects yet! Sometimes I can be sensible. ūüėČ

Knitting nests for rescued birds!

A friend from my knitting group has gotten several of us into knitting bird nests for birds rescued by Wildcare in San Rafael, north of San Francisco.


Baby bird info:

Why do they need handknit nests?

Wildcare¬†takes care of a huge number of birds each year, and these hand knit nests are very useful to them. One of the cool things about knitting these nests is the variety we can make– there are small, medium, large, machine washable, felted… I’ve only made 2 1/2 so far, but I can see a lot more of my tiny leftovers going to some cheerful nests!

Today Wildcare had an event where you could learn to knit nests AND see the birds being fed in their cozy hand knit nests! My wee boy and I were free, so we drove up to deliver my first nests and see some rescued animals!


My favorite part was seeing the birds get fed:


The boy’s favorite part was playing veterinarian with my friend’s husband!


If you’re in need of a stash-busting/easy/charitable/quick fix knitting or crochet project, consider a bird’s nest, won’t you? The birds will appreciate it! ¬†Even if you can’t knit or crochet a nest, you can donate to help feed the rescued birds! ¬†Only $5 will provide 15 meals for a bird! ¬†Every little bit helps!