Play dough, FO

This afternoon, to distract the Wee Boy while big sister had a play date over (ever try keeping the little one away??? Tough job!!), we made some play dough. Making was more fun than playing, apparently.  Gotta work on that attention span.

Later, we watched Spirited Away, and I finished the Wabi Sabi mitts.

Although they’re nice, I don’t know that I’d make this pattern again. I think the split cuff is cute and funky, but I imagine it might not be fun when worn with a jacket. It seems like there might be lots of adjustments involved. Oh well.  I’ll check in with the recipient after a while to see how they’re working out. 😜

The most awesome part of this gift is that last night, we ran into the teacher who these are for, and she admired the shawl I was wearing (The Age of Brass and Steam) and said something about buying me some wool (she’s Irish, so ok to call yarn wool) to knit her something. Half-joking, but also wistfully. The Girl and I looked and each other with sneaky, knowing faces, happy that she’ll get her wish in a few days. 

The Girl thinks I need to knit something for her other teacher as well, to keep things even. Oh, ok, if I must…. Wink, wink.