Tonight at Knit Night, I had a friend take a few pictures of me wearing my finished Trillian scarf while there was still daylight. Here are my faves.

I’m so glad it’s done! I love how it looks and feels, but gosh, it was probably my longest project ever- I think I started in November of 2015, but it was forgotten about, then purposely eschewed in favor of projects that didn’t bother my hands.  Anyway, it’s done, and I’ll wear it often and will also make an effort to check my hair before photo shoots (rogue curl strikes again!!). 

The end is in sight!

My Trillian scarf has been going pretty well. The other day I weighed the ball of yarn, and it was around 42 grams. Now, with  this pattern, you’re supposed to knit until you have 7 grams left. Well, after getting down to 40-some grams, I’ve been inspired to finish this thing up! I’ve been working a few rows a day, and weighing  it every so often, and suddenly I’m down to 22 grams! Only 15 to go – each row is a bit over a gram at the moment, with each successive row using up a bit more yarn than the previous rows, so fewer than 20 rows to go, I estimate. Yay!!!

Better than nothing

My Trillian scarf/shawlette has not gotten much attention since my carpal tunnel started acting up back in February. I find that the smaller needles irritate my wrist and hand, so I only do a few rows a day, at most. Today I managed two rows. So it’s growing very slowly, but two rows are better than none, right? 

I’m supposed to knit until I have about 7% of the skein left, if memory serves me.  It’s about time to weigh it!

Trillian, Fezzik

Last night after finishing my Gandalf bear, I went back and added fringe to Fezzik’s scarf, which had left me less than happy.


before fringe


after fringe

I’m much happier with the fringed version! It looks more polished.
Today I had a rare opportunity to knit during the day! The boy was asleep while my husband and the Wee Girl walked the Golden Gate Bridge with family visiting from Connecticut, so I stayed in the car with him and  worked on my Trillian scarf.

 It is so hard to photograph this color way! I think the second photo is more precise.
This evening, the kids and I, along with the visiting cousins, went out in search of the blood moon eclipse. We went up the hill to the park, but still couldn’t see the moon. We had decided to try the other side of the hill when we saw the crowd on top of the hill, facing east. Sure enough, there was a great view from up there.  

Unfortunately, we couldn’t watch for too long, due to the time of day and the presence of wee ones. But it was cool to see some of the eclipse. I always miss out on this kind of thing because we can’t see the moon from our apartment and the effort with little kids is usually too much for me!  Did you see it???

Sleepover, Trillian

Tonighy I’m hosting my first sleepover as a mom. So far the Wee Boy is asleep, but the girls sound like they’re getting rowdier instead of quieter. Hmm. 

I managed to convince them to do one short craft with me- we made ponytail holders!

After making a pair apiece, they were done. So I worked on my secret project (which won’t) be finished by my birthday, sadly.  I just don’t have the time to work on it much these days. 

But I have had some time to knit away on my Trillian scarf. It’s slow, but I can see some progress.  

 I’m not sure what’s issue is, I guess yarn + needle + pattern combination (slippery yarn, slippery needles, garter stitch) this project irritates my carpal tunnel syndrome, so I can’t do much at a time.  A little progress is better than none!

A full day

The Wee Boy started his second year of preschool today!

The Wee Girl starts next Monday, so we have several mornings to do things that are decidedly more difficult with the Boy.

We started with the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.


Next, we made a stop at the Mounted Police stable, also in GG Park. The only photo I took was for my mom, because her cat’s name is Fritz.

Oops, I also took this one of Sophia showing the Wee Girl the different kinds of tack and their purposes. It was very educational! (Sophia is a knitter!!!)

Our last stop was Ocean Beach, which was delightfully deserted.

Considering that the Wee Boy is at school for less than three hours, I’d say we did well! ☺️

Later, I was able to knit a few rows on my Trillian scarf.

Unfortunately, the Boy took the needle out while I was otherwise occupied, and undid some of my progress. Luckily it was an easy fix, just two rows. But it taught me a lesson: always, always, put the knitting up and away. I’m curious, how do you keep your offspring from destroying your hobbies?