Tourism, Giants cowl

Yesterday and today were about hanging out with my husband’s old friends from high school (in Connecticut).



  I’ve been pretty much tired out, but tonight I finally talked undoing my faulty Kitchener on my Giants cowl. It took some time, and I dropped a couple of stitches, but I finished the repair!

  Hopefully daylight will offer a good chance for a photo shoot.  It’s a pretty cool fan item, isn’t it?

Minneapolis recap

We went to Minneapolis today, and managed to fill the day with activities, right up until 7pm.  Recap!

First off, we joined Mother Bear Project volunteers in sewing hearts onto the Bears. I dropped off my most recent 4.   
Amy met my kids for the first time. 🙂  

i wonder how many of these bears got their hearts sewn on today?


I was very happy that we had the opportunity to check out another LYS, Steven Be! 


I was trying hard to choose one souvenir sock yarn from this Nerd Alert collection. Can you guess which one I chose?
Even the bathroom was fabulous.


Steven showed the Wee Boy the kittens on the patio. ❤
And posed for a fan photo. ❤ ❤


The Wee Girl and I found this crocheted coral reef at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (which is free! Cool!).
As well as this gorgeous quilt.


Next we hit the sculpture garden, which is also free. 

Then, after a quick visit with a. Old friend and his family, we drove the 2 hours back to my parents’ house. Long day!!!!

A Grand Day Out

Yesterday my niece joined me and the kids for a long day of adventuring. We started at Crystal Cave in Spring Valley, WI.


Then we headed over to Prescott, a small town on the Mississippi River. At the information center, I learned a lot about the history of the area. If only we’d learned this in school, rather than rote memorization of dates and events, I bet a lot of us would have paid more attention.


Lastly, we went to Kinnickinnic State Park, where we hoped to hit a beach, but Mosquitos and poor signage had the best of us.


At least we learned a little something, and got to see where the St Croix and Mississippi rivers converge. 

Big day! Today we took it easier!

Wedding day

Today was the wedding of this little girl who made me an aunt!  Ok, she’s not so little anymore, and it sure makes me feel old to have a niece who’s old enough to be married!

Some highlights:

pre-ceremony chat with the bride!


flower girl and ring bearer, ready!


my aunt and uncle live in the woods and therefore have an impressive supply of insect repellents.


well, he said he was going to be cute at the wedding…


me with grandma, cousin, mom


me and the mother of the bride


the flower girls were inseparable


first time i’ve been together with my sister and brother since…. 2009?


as you can see, the Wee Boy was getting hard to wrangle and was ready to go!

 I loved seeing how happyy kids are with relatives they’ve just met. They are pretty adaptable to new situations and people, phew!

In knitting news, I’m nearly done with my V bear.  It’ll have to be finished tomorrow though. 



The kids and I survived our first flight alone together!

And we had a full first day, exploring my sister’s huge yard,


Meeting kittens, 


And cows, 


Knitting Al fresco, 


Meeting my parents’ giant cat,   

Perusing the local supermarket,


And there was even a rainbow! 

Pretty good for day 1! It’s so warm here, hard to get used to! 

Asilomar, Earthbound Organics, and so long, Monterey!

Early this morning, the kids and I dropped Daddy off at Laguna Seca for his bike race, then we had several hours before picking him up. I still had a few things in mind that I’d been wanting to so during this trip, so we did them!

First, we headed to Asilomar State Beach to see what we could see, tide pool-wise.

they look like snail shells, but if you watch for a bit, you see little limbs emerge and tbey move quite fast!


“get my shoes!!”




i love how different beaches have different surfaces.

Then we had enough time to hit Earthbound Organics’ farm stand in Carmel Valley.


 This was a great choice of a side trip- the kids loved every second of it!

just the scent of this garden will add years to your life, I swear!!









At home,  I knitted furiously. 


I got to this point, then realized that the differently-colored bind offs at the neck would bother me, so I’ve frogged and re knit a bit since taking this photo. It’s going well, although it’s a tad bigger than I expected. 

Sea Otter Classic, day 2

Today we made it to Laguna Seca early, so it was much more pleasant.  We saw some bike jumping: 


The kids practiced on the kiddie race course:

“shoot my picture, Mommy!”


wee girl on her pink bike


The Wee Boy won his race!  I was very proud. 🙂   

He also tried to make friends with various young adults. He’d just approach them, ask their names, and strike up a conversation. Upon parting ways, he told the young man in yellow to enjoy his ride.  

Later we hit San Carlos beach, where there were surprising waves and a little tide pooling action.      

I got some knitting in, but decided to end out the night like this: 

Good night!

Monterey and BSJ

We drove down to Monterey for several days of the Sea Otter Classic, a huge cycling event.  On the way we stopped in Santa Cruz for lunch and to hit the Patagonia outlet.

Erik’s deli is my new favorite sandwich place!!



At Patagonia I was super thrilled to find the perfect backpack. I’ve been looking for a couple of years (no kidding!!) for just the right one, and now I have it. Yay!!!

In Monterey, we hit the Dennis the Menace park, but it was so hot we sought out some ice cream before long.


Our hotel room has a nice view, so we were treated to a lovely sunset over Monterey Bay.


Aaaaand, I started a BSJ (baby surprise jacket)I’m not that far into it, so it’s still a mystery how this wacky shape will become a sweater, even though it’s my second one!



Before leaving Tahoe, we stopped at Fanny Bridge to see if we could spot any trout, as our map purported we would. We couldn’t. I blame the drought.



We made it back to San Francisco, safe and sound, and reasonably sane.  We watched Mulan, the Wee Boy had a very difficult bed time (4 days with no nap! Aghhhhh!!!!), and I knitted on my Mini Mania scarf.  I think I’m nearly done.


 It’s almost 4″ wide, and I’m a small person, so I don’t want a super wide scarf. So basically my plan is to knit through my scarf yarn and see where I am!  I might be done in 6 rows, maybe more…


Well, I certain didn’t mean to take a whole week off from blogging! We took a rode trip up to Portland, Oregon, and WordPress crashed every time I tried to open it on my iPhone. It was frustrating, but I suppose it also allowed me to relax without thinking about what to blog that day.

How about a week in photos to make up for a week of silence?

Perhaps the most awesome photo I have of myself with my husband?  (our nephews in Portland have the BEST toys!!!!)



Proof that the mountains in Northern California are HOT!!!!


Gorgeous, gorgeous roses at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland.20140613-205123-75083387.jpg

20140613-205123-75083014.jpgHammocks are the greatest!



Lavender rose!  (the order of these photos is messed up, sorry!!!)20140613-205123-75083738.jpg


Free poems in Portland!



Excellent Dr. Who graffiti at OHSU observation deck.20140613-205121-75081521.jpg


Handy free library in Portland (same house as free poems)!20140613-205122-75082278.jpg


Jamison Square fountain, Portland.20140613-205121-75081922.jpg


Mt Shasta, northern California!  Can you believe there are seven glaciers up there???20140613-205120-75080868.jpg


Mt Shasta on the way home.20140613-205124-75084394.jpg

Crossing Golden Gate Bridge, the sign that we’re just minutes from home!



My travel knitting ended up being hats!  I had only done 2 of my intended 12 hats for the Larkin Street Youth Services, so I thought I’d see what kind of dent I could make in my numbers.20140613-205126-75086012.jpg


Well, I ended up completing 8 hats while we were away!  So that’s 10 done for the year, only 2 to go!  20140613-205125-75085771.jpgIt was nice to have a vacation and visit family we only see once a year, see a nephew graduate high school, and to see Portland for the first time.  It is so green in Oregon, compared to yellow, drought-stricken California!  It was really nice but also confusing to be able to stay in one layer all day and evening, without wondering when the fog would roll in, or needing a sweater.  I had really forgotten what summer feels like!

But there’s no place like home.  🙂