A long-awaited photo shoot

You know when you’ve knitted something for someone far away but you can’t send it off until you get good photos, because you don’t know if the recipient will ever take any? Well, finally today the stars aligned and the Wee Girl took these for me:



This is the Little House Shawl, knitted up in Madeleine Tosh DK in Manor. This was a really enjoyable little project! It starts with 396 stitches, so it gets smaller and smaller, and I felt like it went really quickly.   

It’s for my sister, who is the biggest (grown up) fan of Little House on the Prairie.  I imagine her donning it to watch the show…  Although it turned out so pretty, it’s hard to part with.

In other news, I tackled the Wee Boy’s quilt today and made great progress.



I’ve done some work on the back as well, but not enough to show you. 

Phew, that was a super crafty day! Good night!

A quilt for the Wee Boy

The Wee Boy has been very patient about his long-promised quilt. Once in a while he’ll ask me sadly, “why aren’t you making my quilt?,” to which I make some excuse about lack of time or other, more urgent projects… Well, today the excuses ended!

I started on the quilt and finished the evening with the top all cut out.

I was actually a tad worried that he might not love the Star Wars fabric, but when he came out of his room, woken up by a cough, he noticed it and said, “I love my quilt,” so I’m sure it’s just fine. 😉
The pieces are 8.5″ by 8.5″ so it shouldn’t take too long so sew up. Then I get to decide the back design with the leftover fabric, which is more on the printed side than solid. So we’ll see how that goes.

Have I mentioned that it’s a million times easier making a quilt when one has a cutting mat and rotary cutter!? I don’t know how I made it through my first quilt alive!!