Another two-FO day!

Today I finally sewed the buttons onto the wee girl’s Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan. She was mighty pleased to wear it after swimming lessons, when she tends to be really chilled.



She chose the buttons herself at Imagiknit a few weeks ago.


Tonight I also finished up my 25th bear, my Y-bear, whom I believe I will call Yasuko.


Only one bear to go until I reach my 2014 goal of 14 bears!


My goal tonight was to go back and lengthen one sleeve of the wee girl’s Tiny Tea leaves cardigan. I had counted the same number of rows, but my gauge differed between the two sleeves so one was longer!

I forgot to take a before picture, but here are the sleeves after ripping back a cuff:


Big difference! Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the buttons sewn on…

The bright side

I had this funny thought this evening, about how, in the morning, I often wish I had time to put on make-up, but at the end of the day I’m so tired that washing it off is annoying. So at the end of the day (so to speak), it’s actually better that I don’t wear it.

At least I have time for knitting! The wee girl’s Tiny Tea Leaves is coming along, with just a few rows left before separating for the sleeves. I’ll have to find something to do with that last little bit of handspun.


I finished the gusset decreases on my Serenity socks, not that you can tell from this photo….


And while the wee boy slept…

I picked up yarn to make him a Gramps cardigan (by Tincanknits). He wanted the same colors as in the pattern, but I don’t want to use Tosh for such a rough and tumble guy who’s going to grow out of it soon, so I went with Berroco Comfort.

As soon as the wee girl’s cardi is done, I’ll cast one! Ohhh, Startitis doesn’t usually get to me like this!!


A daylight photo of my 600+ yards of Rambouillet!  It fluffed up with washing, but still has a ton of VM.


Plus the leftover bit that I plied with some commercial sock yarn.  This didn’t work as well as last time I did it.  I’m wondering why.  Did I over-ply?   Were my handspun singles too thick? Was the base yarn of the commercial yarn different?  This one is more springy and less uniform.  It still has potential, though….


I need to frog a section of my Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan, sadly. I’m annoyed that K2k1f/b apparently does not mean knit two, knit the next stitch through the front and back, but rather knit ONE, then knit the next f/b. Is it just me, or is that wrong? I’ll sleep on it….  At any rate, it’s not a huge section to rip back, and I will actually be happy to use up more of my handspun on said section.  I’ll need to figure out something to use the leftover handspun.  I was thinking a cute bow accessory or something….?

A Tragic Tale of Tea Leaves

Oh, the humanity!  A very sweet sweater I knitted for my daughter has met its maker in the form of the dryer.   This project was quite involved, as it started with the wee girl finding a bit of green/pink roving in my stash and asked for a sweater made out of it.  Of course I’m always game for this type of request, so I spun it up on my wheel, decided on the pattern (Tiny Tea Leaves), and found coordinating pink yarn to make up for the lack of yardage in the handspun.  The result was pretty adorable, to be honest, and it was her favorite sweater.   We’re pretty sad, but we have a Plan B, which I will post when I can get a good photo.