Jury Duty knitting

All week I was lucky- my jury group didn’t need to report to duty. But after a super fun mom’s night out last night, I called the jury instructions and was told to come in this morning. 

This morning I scrambled to find something mindless to knit on wooden needles (in case metal were taboo- why didn’t I do my research???).  I grabbed some size 9s and two different yarns on my way out the door. In my ravelry queue I found Barley, a simple hat by tincanknits, and casted on as soon as I sat down. Thank goodness I’d tossed a random ball of cascade 220 into my backpack as well, because the first yarn wasn’t looking good in that pattern. 

Anyway, after a pretty boring morning, I had a great start on this hat, and by the end the day, ta-da!

I have to go back to jury duty on Monday, and I’ll be better prepared, knitting-wise.

P.S. I got new glasses! They’re not too hipster, are they? 😜😳🙄


The Wee Boy was at school this morning, and the Wee Girl had a friend over to play, so I spent most of the morning with tea and my POP blanket.img_5387

I hadn’t been happy with the dimensions, so I decided to add 6 rows of single crochet before starting the border, which ended up being 3 rows of single crochet.  By late afternoon, I was done, and had just a small bit of the Cascade 220 left.


I’m happy with it, I just hope that the bits that stick out will calm down when I block it.


Big oops/oh, well

Last night I moved right along with my seaming on this blanket, but today I suddenly realized that I’ve been doing single crochet instead of slip stitch. This creates more bulk and uses more yarn. But I’m fine with the way it looks and I don’t fancy ripping out all the seams plus the woven-in ends!  

I feel silly though, especially after convincing myself that I totally remembered how to slip stitch and didn’t need to look it up. Lesson learned!!!

Moving right along

Last night I couldn’t figure out the crochet seams of my POP blanket. After a half hour, I was still at square one, literally.

Luckily, things clicked at Knit Night tonight, and I crocheted four columns.

I wove in the ends at home. Note to self and prospective blanket knitters: weave in the ends as you go! This was only four columns, but it was tedious. Luckily I’d learned early on to at least weave in the seaming end , but there were still many, many ends. The crochet is easier than I thought, and I’m kicking myself for having waited so long.

P.S. We saw the Force Awakens today! Loved it! Go see it, so we can talk openly about it!

POP blanket update

One of my 2015 goals is to finish my POP blanket. So far this year I’ve completed 5 squares.

This brings my grand total to 47 squares. Here they are pictured on a blanket whose measurements are perfect for a lap blanket that’s big enough to share. No, not exactly a lap blanket. I mean smaller than for use in a bed, but just the right size for reading or watching movies on the sofa. The background blanket looks bigger in the photo than it really is. It’s less than 5 feet long.

Of course there will be some crochet between and around the squares, which will add to the overall size, but I see that I still have quite a long way to go!

One a day

The POP! blanket KAL started on Wednesday, and I’ve made one square per day so far, so I have four squares! I might have to abandon my first one, as it only reaches the pretty standard 5 inches square if I stretch it out.

Last night I plied my singles for my second color (circles), and now it’s drying. The colors are less muddled than the golden/purple handspun.


This thing is going to take a long time! I’ve never done such a big, long-term project, so it should be interesting. I’m glad I’m doing it as a KAL- at least seeing my friends’ progress should keep me competitive , err, motivated.

POP! goes the blanket!

This morning my POP blanket KAL buddies and I met up for our ceremonial cast on!

It was my first time using the Pinhole Cast On!

After a while, I realized I needed to go up a needle size, but I still managed to get some good progress in the time I had:


It’ll be fun to see how our different versions of the same blanket come out! I’m using my handspun while the other two knitters are using Noro Silk Garden and Noro Kureyon.

Later, I did the short row corners and bound off! One square down!


Spring break adventures

The wee girl is over halfway through her Spring break, which means that we’ve (me, wee girl, wee boy) been busy out on adventures around the city and beyond!

This afternoon we went to a favorite spot in Golden Gate park, Stow Lake. The kids have their favorite trees and are happy to just play there. Last time I realized I should have taken some knitting along, so today I was prepared. 🙂

We saw goslings!

We found an excellent swing!

We witnessed a most intimate wedding!

We encountered a creepy Golden Gate Park squirrel!

And in the evening I finally swatched for the wee boy’s new sweater.


All days should be this good!