Home again

A few highlights from our last day or so in Tahoe:

Reading the funnies: 

hubby turned 50 during this trip! some of us were too busy with preparations to realize it…


The cold never bothered him anyway.

So. Many. Snowball fights!


they waited so patiently for me to throw my sbowball at the tree above them. mwahahahaha!



we talked about not throwing sniwballs at close range, but the message did not sink in.

  One last outing to go sledding- this time to last year’s favorite- Mt Rose.   


On the way home we stopped at my husband’s brother and sister-in-law’s house in Sacramento, and we met their new dog!  It might sound goofy, but letting this sweetie was one of the highlights of our spring break!

Aside from heating issues in the cabin, we had a pretty good time. For me, the most fun was pelting my family with snowballs, and I worry a bit about what that says about me. 😜 

I only knitted a few rows the entire time we were gone, a big contrast from last year when I knitted my mini mania scarf in Tahoe. It doesn’t feel like my carpal tunnel issue exactly, so I wonder if I made too many snowballs for my age. 😔


Before leaving Tahoe, we stopped at Fanny Bridge to see if we could spot any trout, as our map purported we would. We couldn’t. I blame the drought.



We made it back to San Francisco, safe and sound, and reasonably sane.  We watched Mulan, the Wee Boy had a very difficult bed time (4 days with no nap! Aghhhhh!!!!), and I knitted on my Mini Mania scarf.  I think I’m nearly done.


 It’s almost 4″ wide, and I’m a small person, so I don’t want a super wide scarf. So basically my plan is to knit through my scarf yarn and see where I am!  I might be done in 6 rows, maybe more…

Spring Break, day 2

  A beautiful sunrise,



Snow angels,  


it’s steeper than it looks!


A mountain or two, 

fun side note- i texted my brother to ask if he has worked on the cell phone towers in the distance, and he said yes, plenty of times. AND he can see this mountain from his house outside of Reno. nice view!


A fire,  

More snow,

it snowed several inches this afternoon!


Barefoot snow action,

toughest kid I know


A cold stroll,

ganbatte, daffodils!

And some knitting.  

decent progress, and i decided i like it.


Not pictured: snowball fight!!!