Clement Street, and buttons!

The Wee Girl and I had the morning together without the Boy, and we started it out with a bit of shopping on Clement Street, specifically at Park Life and Green Apple Books. I found scores of amusing items…







After Clement Street, we hit up Imagiknit for buttons! I found just what I wanted, and also found adorable ornaments that I’ll have to keep in mind for next year.

I think the buttons are perfect for my Honeybee Cardigan!


Hopefully I’ll get some modeled photos soon!

Honeybee, phew!

When I tried on my cardigan last night, it did not look good.

It looked way too low, and with some trepidation, I I powered through the neck and shoulder short rows.

Luckily, it worked! It fits and looks nice. The only trouble is that I did one of the 3-needle bind offs backward, and I need to fix it. Otherwise, yay!!!


Honeybee cardigan, THIS close!

I’ve been working pretty steadily on my Honeybee cardigan, when time and attention span have permitted. Today I reached a milestone; the point where I’m done with any decreases and just have to do several sets of short rows to shape the front and back shoulders.

Phew! I tried it on, and the fit is weird but I’m attributing that to the fact(s) that the short rows aren’t done and the top part hasn’t been blocked yet. AND there will be button bands and a neck edging… Fingers crossed!

My Honeybee is in one piece!

Last night I overcame some trepidation, and joined the arms to my Honeybee cardigan.  This was no minor feat.  Have you ever joined already-knit arms to a bottom-up sweater?  It’s awkward, to say the least.  I started out with three circular needles, but soon decided that they complicated things more than simplifying, so I switched to my very long metal circular needle, and just pulled the cable out when necessary to accommodate the sleeves.



Today, it rained.  If you’ve heard anything about the San Francisco Bay Area weather the past few days, you may have heard of silly San Franciscans freaking out over nothing (all public schools and many private/parochial were closed!!  For rain!!!), but I assure you, there was some serious damage done by the strong winds and flooding.  Not in my neighborhood, though, thank goodness…. The midwestern/Tokyo-residing girl in me giggles about it a little….  I went to school in super heavy snow/freezing temperatures, I went to work in crazy harsh typhoons/ridiculously strong winds, but we can’t handle some rain?

Rain, rain, and more rain.

Rain, rain, and more rain.

Well, it meant that the kids were home all day, and we did any craft I could think of, as well as two rainy walks, to keep things civilized.   Even so, I yelled a lot more than I would have liked. (Note to self, take that deep breath before going off the deep end!!)

Wee ones in the rain.

Wee ones in the rain.

The rainy walks were pretty fun, and always a good idea.

Me in the rain.

Me in the rain.

Once the power came back on after 5 hours without it, we had lunch and then I let the kids watch a movie.  Because of this, I was able to progress pretty well on my Honeybee Cardigan.  I did many rows of arm decreases, and estimated that I have about 30-40 rows left (I think? I forgot to write it down.).  Of course, I still have the button bands and the i-cord edging at the neckline, but this is really good progress.  If it weren’t for my knitting friend asking us to join her in NaKniSweMo, I would never have gotten this far this fast!  Hooray for KALs, however loosely organized!




Oops, I didn’t mean to take two days off from blogging, but Thursday was the Wee Girl’s Christmas pageant, and last night the Wee Boy was sick.

In knitting news, I have been knitting diligently on the sleeves for my Honeybee cardigan.

They’re about 4 inches from reaching my underarms, and I’ll leave them a tad short because I believe they’ll grow some with blocking. Good progress!!