Stash exchange!

Today was my knitting group’s annual stash exchange! 

 Before any yarn was chosen:

This years’s Sorting Hat was this amazing gravity-defying feat of yarn and twinkly lights knit by Janice and modeled here by Tracey.

There was Wii (?) action:

Jessica with her one month-old baby!
After the orderly exchange and later what we call the Free for All, the table was pretty bare!


I wish I’d taken a photo of the yarn I took to the exchange, but alas, I forgot.

Here are the goodies I took home!
I was particularly delighted that one knitter was de stashing lots of colorful worsted weight wool- perfect for bear knitting! I mentioned before how I always seem to leave the stash exchange with giant amounts of mint green acrylic that take me ages to knit into bears…. well, not this time! ☺️ 

4 bobbins full!

This pound of fiber was surprisingly fast to spin! I think it only took 4 evenings.

I’m pleased with the evenness of the singles. Some of my spinning has been lumpy lately, so it’s nice to see that I haven’t completely gone thick/thin!

Tomorrow, plying!!

Spinning mystery yarn

A few nights ago, I started a new spinning project. It’s wool from our last stash exchange, though I have no info about the fiber content, etc. all I know is that it’s 16 ounces. !!!!!
In one evening, I spun this much:

Tonight I spun some more and filled the bobbin:

It’s not super soft, and though it is kind of twisty, if I pre-draft conscientiously, it spins smoothly and evenly. And it’s pretty!!!

What am I going to do with a pound of yarn??

Stash exchange shame

Tonight was my knitting group’s annual stash exchange, a party where we take our unwanted yarn, pile it on the table, and take turns choosing new-to-us yarns! It’s so much fun! The table starts out overflowing, but by the end it’s sparse. What isn’t chosen gets donated to charity. IMG_6691.JPG IMG_6693.JPG IMG_6692.JPG I was a little dismayed to find myself taking so much home when if promised myself to leave with less than I’d brought.

However, when I break it down, it’s completely reasonable! Bear yarn! Charity yarn doesn’t count toward the stash! IMG_6697.JPG Yarn I’d taken that no one wanted, so I took it home. IMG_6698-1 And that only leaves this! IMG_6700.JPG 3 sock yarns, one skein of bulky handspun, a few skeins of orange wool, and a huge amount of fiber for spinning. Totally reasonable, right?

I am especially motivated to knit this up. This yarn is what we call a Repeat Offender, meaning that it’s shown up at the stash exchange a time or two. This time I plan to ball it up soon and get it knitted up so it doesn’t make another appearance. :0     IMG_6701-0.JPG