Crazy balls

Since the instant gratification of knitting up a crazy ball hat in a day, I’ve been on a roll! Yesterday I made this:

I made the entire thing during a preschool “parent education” meeting. It kept me paying attention, and more importantly, it kept me from falling asleep!

Yesterday evening I started in on a blue crazy ball and tonight I finished this:

  I’m going through these crazy balls pretty fast! They’re super fun to knit, and hats are the perfect project for showing off their funky stripes.  I’m also quickly gaining space in my yarn stash boxes, which always feels good. 

Here’s a pic of my first three crazy ball hats:

  What’s your favorite stash busting project?

Cast on!

With my Hitchhiker scarf done, I’m itching to start another quick-ish project. So I’m casting on a Duotone Cowl in Silky Wool and Tosh DK. 

My yarn storage boxes are really exploding with yarn, so I’d like to do a lot of stash-busting projects in the near future. I’m thinking charity hats and another big batch of bears! What do you knit to use up lots of random leftover yarns?

Mini Mania, done!




Sorry for the blah night photos! This ended up about 5″ wide and 70″ long. The fringe is only about 2″, because I cut it too short while knitting. Ha!

It’s pretty much perfect- long enough to wear different ways, wide enough to cover my neck and chin but not bulky. Just what I wanted. 

This was actually a fun knit, in spite of the long rows. It was great for movie knitting, and I could maybe do another in the future… 

Mini progress

It’s been four or so days since I casted on for the Mini Mania scarf. This is what I’ve got so far:


It’s over an inch, but not yet two inches wide.  The  knitting is slowed down by 1) stopping to admire it and 2) choosing the next color.

 I’m only doing two rows of each color, so the color changes happen often.  I’m basically trying to do light/dark/light, but the results aren’t always what I expect.  I love it, though!