ahhh it’s good to be home! The flight felt long due to the Wee Boy’s needs, but it went ok.

The U.S. has some really amazing topography, and I look forward to someday exploring between the Midwest and the west coast! 

Home is nice, although I’m still tired and cranky.  

I’m nearly done with my Splatterdash mitts!  

 I’m almost done binding them off, but I’ve been mighty distracted with trying to set up the new computer my husband bought while we were away. Not that I’m complaining!!!! 

Now back to the bind off, and a reasonable bed time!


Yesterday I casted on my new KAL project for my sock knitting group. The group voted to knit Splatterdash, a free knitty.com pattern for fingerless mitts.  It looks like I didn’t bring the ballband, but I think this is Koigu yarn.

It’s a fun little knit- I’ve finished the main part and am ready to pick up for the feather and fan section that wraps around the hand.  
On the vacation side of things, today the kids and I went with my sister to these pretty little waterfalls she’s told me about.    

To get here, we drove way out to the middle of nowhere, found the tiny unmarked trail, and followed it to this little stream. It was so pretty and the kids loved it!