Sock update

My wild and crazy Pole Dance socks are coming along! This evening I finished the first section and picked up stitches to start color #2.
Does this look like a sock?

How about now?

After a few rows of color #2, it’s starting to resemble a sock.

Now that I’m filling in the sock, it’s pretty fun! I think it also helps that I had to switch to knitting one sock at a time. Progress appears faster this way.

Other FOs from this pattern are more high-contrast, but I think these are crazy enough for me!

Wash your socks often, or else…

This happens!

You end up with thirteen or so pairs, and it takes a long time!

I’ve been working in putting my hand knit socks away more neatly, and it’s paying off!

There’s a lot more space for more socks when they’re folded nicely!

Speaking of hand knit socks, my Pole Dance socks are going fine. I have a few inches done on the legs, two-at-a-time as usual. Creative construction, not so usual for me, but it’s turning out to be interesting! Luckily I have a friend who’s a few steps ahead of me on her pair, so I’m totally getting tips as she whizzes along! :0


Now isn’t that some interesting sock construction??