A little sewing

With warmer weather coming, I started wanting some cooler pants to wear in the garden. I can’t wear jeans when it’s very warm! So I bought a copy of Sonya Philip’s Pants No. 1 and some fabrics from Joann’s, and today after work I dug in! I was able to whip up one pair and a matching mask (😂) in little time.

I wanted pockets but! 1) I forgot. 2) when I remembered, I couldn’t really grasp Sonya’s pocket tutorial. For my next pair, I’ll add in the pocket from the Washi dress, which I really like.

I’ve been so busy in the garden, sowing, transplanting, hardening off, etc. and yesterday I built 3 trellises for my climbers.

This morning I spotted 3 ladies in the yard, taking a closer look at my beds. We’ve put so many in the property, including the front yard and Hellstrip, so we get a lot of attention thin from neighbors!

Happy crafting, gardening, etc!

Wee prezzies

We have two birthday parties for little girls tomorrow, so tonight I whipped up some headbands for last-minute (as usual🙄) gifts. The insect one is my favorite! 

As you can see, I have so much trouble throwing away even the smallest of scraps, so I stitch leftovers together into bigger leftover pieces- very useful for wee headbands! #thrifty 

Cute little FO

A few weeks ago (?) I started sewing a Japanese knot bag out of some cute fabric a friend gave me. I couldn’t get far at that time, due to kids and confusion with the pattern. But today I finished it!

I meant for it to be a project bag, but as soon as it was done, I was heading to the library and stuck my wallet, phone, and keys inside, instead of taking my big (and unnecessary) backpack. It was perfect! Here’s an awkward selfie to document the simultaneous use of handknit sweater, handknit socks, and handmade bag.

Also! Yesterday we went to the beach and the kids decided to wear their recently tie dyed shirts, so here they are in action.

And! My indigo-dyed yarn is finally dry- here’s what they look like.

I’m pleased! Hope you had a good weekend!

Taking it easy

I overdid it last week, knitting too much. My hand hurtsa bit so I’m knitting very little.  Instead, I’ve started prep to sew a new garment, Aberdeen from Colette/Seamwork.

cut, cut, tape, tape, cut some more.

learning about sewing knit fabric

The pieces are all cut out.

This is my first time sewing knit fabric, so I’m a little nervous. I have ballpoint needles, but I’m still in search of a twin point for the hems. I might be able to do without.  Fingers crossed!

Pretty perfect

Today I shopped for linings for a few skirts I’ve been wanting to sew. From our trip to the Lost Coast, I have some purple flowery souvenir fabric from the shop Stitch in Ferndale, and I also have some cool “wonderland” fabric recently destashed to me by a knitting friend.

The pattern is the Robert Kauffman free skirt pattern, but I thought I’d try making it less wide this time, as I’m pretty petite and don’t need tons of fabric bunched up around my waist.  I started with the wonderland fabric, because I have a lot of it. It came out perfect for me.

The length is just as I like my skirts- it hits above the knee.  The circumference is not as generous as the Tardis skirt ended up, and I think this less fluffy/bunchy effect looks better on me.  Plus, you can see the cute print more easily. I am so happy with the pattern placement! I’m sure I will omit the 4 inches or so that I took off from the circumference every time I make this pattern in the future. The only thing I regret is that I forgot to add the pockets I had prepared.  I love skirts with pockets!

Oh! By the way, I forgot to show you my souvenirs from the lost Coast.

Knitting book, fabric, and wine. Pretty perfect!

Headbands and more

Lately I’ve been plodding away at my small-needle WIPs, which I can only work on for a few rows at a time due to carpal tunnel. Case in point: I knitted one measly row while waiting with the Wee Girl’s second-grade class for a play to begin.

One or two rows at a time, it’ll eventually get done!  But I’m afraid I might have to really stuck with larger needles from now on. 

A little sewing project has been going on here- I decided to make a couple of bundles of headbands for our elementary school’s fundraising auction. They won’t bring a ton of money, but it’s nice to contribute something, especially since I didn’t work on the class project this year.

there were supposed to be 10, but i made a mistake on one and am wondering whether to fix it or just go with two sets of 4 instead of 5 per set.

And in cute baby news, here’s my cousin’s granddaughter in one of her Magic Coffee Baby Hats.

so cute!!!!!!!!!

Gogood night!


Today I wanted to sew a simple headband or two for a birthday present. Well, as usual I overdid it and couldn’t stop myself from making a bunch instead of just one or two. I blame the easy pattern and fabric stash-busting nature of the pattern.  I used this one: http://www.aliceandlois.com/diy-fabric-headband-tutorial-handmade-gift-series/

she made the goofy face on purpose!


Most have recipients in mind, some may go to “gift stash”

These are so fun, easy, and quick! I can see using lots of stash fabric up on these fun items!  I managed to make all 8 of these while taking care of my kids solo (that might not be a big deal to you, but the Wee Boy is the biggest handful you can possibly imagine, and then some), and they didn’t take that much time.   I know it would be a  bit more work, and the elastic is mostly covered by hair anyway, but I’m curious how much harder it would be to cover the elastic with some fabric.  Although, if I want to keep making these quickly, adding more steps probably isn’t the way to go.

Birthday sewing

The Wee Girl turns eight on Monday, and I decided to make her some pajama pants with Star Wars fabric featuring Rey from The Force Awakens.

I also fancy-cut a scrap and zig-zagged it onto a t-shirt so she’ll have a set. I think she’ll be pleased!

And a view from the afternoon- we took the kids to play at Crissy Field for a while. It was chilly and windy!


ETA we gave the girl her gifts early- she’s a happy camper!