Mystery KAL

I have been working on my new mystery KAL hat bit by bit, and it’s going fine. There are a lot of the twisted stitches, which are not good for me, so I’m using my cable needle. 

I can’t show you much because it’s a mystery KAL and my friends might see this. But this won’t spoil anything.

In other news, today was the girl’s last baseball game of the summer. She had a rough start and wanted to quit, but she stuck it out and ended up having a really good season. I’m proud of her.

as you can see, summer in San Francisco is cold and foggy. I myself was wearing a down coat and hand knit gloves, and I was still cold.

Stitch ‘n’ pitch

Does your local baseball team/stadium host Stitch ‘n’ Pitch? It’s a cool thing where groups of knitters/crocheters/etc get a block of seats together for a home game and there is generally some swag involved.

Tonight was such a night in San Francisco! 

I, fan of no sport, went to a Giants game!    
I spotted stitchers a few rows ahead, albeit not of the knitting/crocheting type.

 My knitting group and I had fun! I learned that watching the game is actually fun and exciting! (More so when you’ve been with your kids nonstop for 7 weeks and finally get a long break and don’t even have to put them to bed!!)
We were treated to a lovely view on the way out.

  And this cool notions bag was the swag for the evening. Cool!  

Thanks, San Francisco Giants/ATT&T Stadium!

I almost finished the Giants-themed cowl I was working on! Just a few more rows! I guess I’ll have to pay more attention to baseball so I can wear it on game days? ūüėú

Go, Giants!

Confession: I grew up in a state with a pretty good football team, and now I live in a city with both an excellent baseball AND football team. ¬†Pretty cool, right? ¬†Except that… I’m not a sports fan. ¬†I’m just not! ¬†I even tried to conjure up some team spirit the last time the Giants were in the World Series, but I couldn’t. ¬†I’d much rather watch Firefly, Dr. Who, Downton Abbey, or old¬†episodes¬†of Friends.

However, the Wee Girl likes the idea of being a Giants or Niners fan, and her school had a Giants Day in support of the Giants being in the World Series again. ¬†For this, they were encouraged to wear black and orange Giants gear instead of their usual uniforms. ¬†Conundrum! We have no Giants gear! ¬†I even went to Target at the last minute, but they’d been cleared out, due to the Giants qualifying for the World Series! ¬†So I did what any crafty mom would do, I improvised a Giants headband out of yarn I had on hand, so she’d have something to wear.

Cheaper than a jersey!

Cheaper than a jersey!

Using size 9 needles, I casted on about 12 stitches, and knit garter stitch until it was long enough. ¬†Then I knitted the flower from the headband in Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Nation, and sewed it on. ¬†Voila, instant fan gear!

Very happy with her "Giants gear."

Very happy with her “Giants gear.”

Her teacher gushed over it, so I decided to make one for her as well. ¬†She’s a San Francisco native, so she’s really into the Giants!

Because I had a little more time to think it over, I doubled the yarn and used bigger needles.  I finished the headband during one soccer practice (with interruptions), and the flower in less than one movie (with interruptions).  I hope she likes it!