Too tired

Today was one of those days, you know, full of ideas of projects after the kids are in bed, but once they were asleep, I was pretty much fried and not up to sewing or even knitting… Enter spinning!!!

This is lovely roving from Huckleberry Knits, which I bought at Stitches West last year. It’s 50% merino, 50% tencel, which pretty much means that it’s awesome to spin.


At the end if my evening, I have almost two bobbins full, and I’m pleased with this project! It’s silky, smooth, and soft, and I think it will be very nice once plied.


For some reason I didn’t feel like knitting this evening. I thinks it’s because my current WIPs take an amount of concentration (in the evening intend to craft with movies)but I also feel like I haven’t been spending much time with my other interests lately. So tonight I’m spinning.




Kool-aid dyeing!

I’m not sure how it came about, but this evening I ended up dyeing my recent handspun and some BFL roving with the last of my Kool-aid stash. Just in time, too, it seems, as some of it was hardened!




The red (about a pound of fiber) is four packets of Tropical Punch and two Cherry. It looks very pretty so far, not as bright as in this photo, but it’s kind of hard to tell with the night lighting. I’m picturing it striped with a dark blue…. Color Affection, maybe?

The lime (8ounces of BFL) is two packets of lemon-lime. It’s not too bright, and the kids really want scarves from the eventual yarn.

It was fun, but now my apartment smells a little funny from the dubious contents of the packets. :0

Easter dyeing

After our egg dyeing, the kids and I dyed some roving! I told the I’d knit them each something from their work.

First, the eggs:


I didn’t do a fantastic job with them- first we tried the safe food coloring we had from Whole Foods, but it didn’t seem to be doing much, then I remembered I had Easter egg dye that a friend left me when she moved last year. So we dropped the pellets into the containers with the eggs. The fizzing made weird bubbles on the eggs, so I rinsed the eggs off and put them back in. Not very scientific, but the colors were nice.

For the roving, the wee boy chose green, the wee girl chose pink , and I chose three colors then at the end I emptied the yellow on top. I regretted it right away, but it ended up a lovely gold.


I’m definitely more likely to spin this up now that it’s colorful!

Stitches West 2014 recap

Phew! Stitches West was great! I ended up spending a good chunk of the day helping out at the Mother Bear Project booth! I was glad to be able to help out, telling people about MBP and selling bear kits and other items. 🙂 I donated 4 project bags and a slew of stitch markers to sell.

I spent much less time than usual perusing the market, but that was just fine with me. I was able to see and buy all that I needed wanted, and then some.

This was the first year that Plucky Knitter was at Stitches, so I checked it out and bought some pretty gray sock yarn. Wonderland Dyeworks is also a favorite of mine, so I bought roving and sock yarn there. I also love Miss Babs, where I got yarn for a sweater. At Hiya-hiya, I finally replaced my sad old circular needles on which I’ve made most of my socks. One last tour of the market led me to Huckleberry Knits, where I bought some gorgeous roving. Good haul!