Halloween part 4

Last night we finally finished Halloween for the year!  This last event was the culmination of all our efforts to make fantastic outfits- we had coordinated efforts with two other families to dress as characters from Dr Who!  The kids and I coordinated outfits last year (Star Wars theme!), but this was my first time to have a theme with other families- it’s so fun!

Rose Tyler, Dalek, and the Fourth Doctor

Ood, Dalek, Weeping Angel

Amy Pond and Dalek

Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor

Amy Pond and Rory Williams as the Centurion

The Eleventh And Fourth Doctors stuck together!

The Ood enjoyed surprising unsuspecting trick or treaters, which was fun to witness.

Oh! I made “davros’ third eye brownies” for the party, to go with my Dalek eye stalk.  The recipe is from the Doctor Who Cookbook, of course. 

I’m no cake decorator, and i don’t think I ever will be.

And… that’s a wrap! We put a lot of effort into this Halloween, but it was worth it!  Let’s see what next year brings…

Off to a good start!

My Rose Tyler fingerless gloves and Serenity socks are both off to a good start! It only occurred to me today that both are geeky sci fi fandom projects, which rather tickles me.

The socks are especially fun to work on– plain stockinette socks are a great grab and go project, and the self-striping yarn is so fun!


However, tonight I feel like spending time here, with some Downton Abbey. I’m at a particularly gripping point and I want a project that doesn’t demand much attention!