No knitting tonight

Tonight I took a break from knitting to brush up on my Spanish-language reading skills.  I picked up a novel I haven’t read since 1994-5, during my junior year of high school, which I spent in Barcelona.  

So far, so good. Aside from a few dictionary checks, I understand well enough to enjoy the story- probably more than when I was only 17, because it’s written from a 3 year-old boy’s point of view, and I now have the parental experience to understand a bit of what goes on in such a brain. 

Tomorrow- back to fingerless glove knitting. Sorry about the sad photo!  This is actually lovely Noro.

Good night!

Nostalgia and spinning 

Tonight I’m spinning away on my giant amount of white alpaca and watching a childhood favorite mini series on YouTube.

You know how you may love a tv miniseries as a child, then love the book on which it was based even more for the following 30 years or so, then manage to locate the  miniseries and find it so-so? That’s my current experience with A Little Princess. We’ve been listening to the audiobook in the car, so I wanted to find the miniseries I saw on PBS so many years ago, only to find that it was much better in my own imagination/memory.  Now  debating on whether or not to show the kids, because they love the book. I’m leaning towards no…..