Birthday catch-up!

(A post I wrote for my knitting group’s blog….)

Apparently I was super out of it this past Fall and managed to neglect a ton of birthday swaps!  So here’s a quick catch-up!

Karyn made this gorgeous mitts for Ilka.


Karyn received this cool scarf from Kelly.


Annie made a pretty, cabled ipad cozy for Nan.nan-birthday

Jenny made this stunning shawlette for Sarah.


And for our last swap of 2016, Sarah knitted this Seuss-tastic teapot cozy for Vanessa.vanessa-birthday

Happy birthday, everyone, and so sorry if I missed any birthdays!

PJ blog post!

Sorry for my quiet site lately, I have been so tired and only knitting bits at a time.  Luckily, my hand and wrist are feeling much better so the Wee Boy’s sweater has a sleeve already!  I’ll take a photo tomorrow in good lighting.  For certain yarns, it just seems mean to take a night photo which makes them look dreadful.  Better to wait than make the yarn sad.

In the meantime, we had such a great birthday swap tonight at Purl Jam that I wrote up the post right away, so here it is!

Good night!

(not my) blog post (well, sort of)

In the absence of any interesting crafty news from me, here’s a blog post I wrote today for my knitting group.

I’ve been working hard at avoiding knitting (it’s SO HARD!!), and I think it’s paying off.  The less I knit right now, the better and faster my wrist/hand will heal, so I’ve been doing lots of reading instead.  With that said, my current book is calling me!  I’m reading The Sword in the Stone– this one, with rather nice illustrations, yes, very YA, but what a fun book!  Are you reading something good right now?

PJ blog post

On Friday I was hit pretty hard by a cold, so I haven’t been up to much, craft-wise.  I did manage to finish a big secret project on Friday, when I really should have been resting, but a) I shouldn’t have stayed up so late to do that, and b) I can’t show you yet!  Luckily I was able to spend most of yesterday in bed, and I even fell asleep by 7pm.  I didn’t even knit, but I finished a novel about the Dust Bowl, and got through about half of White Fang.  I think I should choose a more uplifting novel for my next read, eh?

Anyway, I finally got around to writing up the last two Purl Jam birthday swaps, so here’s that post!

Now I’m going to get back to my tea and rest.

Stash exchange!

Today was my knitting group’s annual stash exchange! 

 Before any yarn was chosen:

This years’s Sorting Hat was this amazing gravity-defying feat of yarn and twinkly lights knit by Janice and modeled here by Tracey.

There was Wii (?) action:

Jessica with her one month-old baby!
After the orderly exchange and later what we call the Free for All, the table was pretty bare!


I wish I’d taken a photo of the yarn I took to the exchange, but alas, I forgot.

Here are the goodies I took home!
I was particularly delighted that one knitter was de stashing lots of colorful worsted weight wool- perfect for bear knitting! I mentioned before how I always seem to leave the stash exchange with giant amounts of mint green acrylic that take me ages to knit into bears…. well, not this time! ☺️ 

The much-anticipated Toe-down

Well! Here are the contenders, before the toe-down began! The two pairs of socks prepared two-at-a-time on a circular needle, ready for the ties to be knit!

We both knitted furiously, but alas, when I came home I had only this much done:


The other contender’s socks were in a similar state, but I imagine she’s either finished by now, or she will have finished by noon tomorrow!

Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to finish my pair up, and now I have these:

But I also have a great number of ends to weave in!