Off my game

Since last night I’ve been trying to crochet a couple of hats. Normally I do ok with crochet, as long as I have my copy of “The Happy Hooker” at my side, but these hats are coming out too big.

My plan is just to frog back to the number of stitches of a hat I crocheted that fits the Wee Boy great, and crochet on from there. That should work, rightt?


A Saturday

 Today was the Spring Fair at the Wee Boy’s preschool. There were crafts, good food, friendly families, and even a wee petting zoo. The boy was very gentle with the bunnies, and the girl developed a love for chickens.   

she has a way with chickens, apparently!

Later, I picked up the Wee Boy’s quilt, which had been collecting dust on a shelf, and by bedtime I had finished it. I have no photo of the FO because it’s over the sleeping boy at the moment. 🙂 But here’s the binding action getting started.


During the boy’s nap today, I did various bits and bobs of sewing/crafting/mending. I patched two pairs of pants, prepared eight heart appliqués for the girl’s class quilt (the auction is a week from today!!!!),and made the kids t-shirts to match their Dr. Who pajama pants (the boy liked his pants yesterday, but questioned me as to whether there was a matching shirt. Yes, sir!!!). 


these make me awfully happy!

The girl happily wore hers to bed, declaring the pants super warm and comfy, but the boy ignored his. Oh, well.

Thus concludes an unusually crafty Saturday. Hope yours was awesome!

Mindless knitting

You know those times when you have to be somewhere in public, surrounded by people, and you can’t stand the idea of just sitting there and listening, without doing anything with your hands?? Enter mindless knitting.

Tonight was my monthly business meeting for our co-op preschool. Luckily for me, I have knitting friends who met each other because they were both knitting at their co-op preschool’s business meetings, so I had a feeling it would be ok to knit there. And I happen to know there are other knitters among us… And I can knit my stockinette bears without looking at them much, allowing me to make plenty of eye contact and assure all that I am paying close attention to everything going on at the meetings, so as not to offend anyone.

Anyway, because of the meeting tonight, I’m so close to finishing my P bear!

Probably tomorrow, though… It was also my work day at preschool, so I’m particularly tired!  Do you have a particular kind of project you can knit in public around people who may or may not be knitters?

Crafting for the co-op, 2!

Tonight I finished my felt pictures for the Wee Boy’s preschool! I made felt story illustrations for “the Big Green Monster,” “Ella Sarah Gets Dressed,” and “The Napping House.” I’m pleased with the results, although I think in real life my dog would be too pudgy to walk!

In other news, the kids and I went apple picking in Sonoma with friends today! I hoped to take lots of interesting photos,
But I ended up forgetting my phone at my friend’s house, so I have none!! So here are two pics from Petaluma.


I hope you had a nice weekend too!