The Wee Boy was at school this morning, and the Wee Girl had a friend over to play, so I spent most of the morning with tea and my POP blanket.img_5387

I hadn’t been happy with the dimensions, so I decided to add 6 rows of single crochet before starting the border, which ended up being 3 rows of single crochet.  By late afternoon, I was done, and had just a small bit of the Cascade 220 left.


I’m happy with it, I just hope that the bits that stick out will calm down when I block it.


Loose ends

The kids are I are leaving for a long trip soon, so I wanted to finish up a couple of big WIPs that are too big for travel and that I didn’t want haunting me while we’re gone, and I did it!

First, my POP blanket squares!

I finished two nights ago, but they photograph so much better after blocking.

Secondly, last night I was able to finish plying my current spinning project.

I have two very full bobbins- looks like pretty generous yardage. I’ll get a better idea of how much I have when I skein it. 

Tomorrow’s post: travel knitting!!!


The Wee Boy had a good nap today, during which the Wee Girl helped me sandwich this quilt.

  I think I measured better than usual, because it came together more easily than my previous quilts. Three cheers for experience! 
The kids did not go to bed nicely, however, so I was only able to complete one blanket square, instead of all the amazing crafty goodness I had been fantasizing about, but I blocked the current batch of freshly-knit squares, which is better than nothing. 

Good night!  

POP/lap blanket

I’ve been plugging away on this blanket- my average best seems to be about two squares a day, which feels slow, but they do add up.

I laid the squares out without much thought, just to get an idea of what I have.  I left a little room to consider the crochet between the squares. It’s  42 inches high and 36 inches wide. So it’s definitely going to be a lap blanket!

This is the rest of my handspun for this project:

Once it’s gone, out comes the crochet hook for finishing! I thought I might make the crochet border extra wide to add some size to it.

Quilt and POP!

Lately I’ve had some good chunks of time to work on a special quilt.




quilt top, done!


quilt back, done!


I just need to run to Joanns for some thread and fusible tape (I have enough batting to piece together for a large enough piece, just need to fuse it together!), then on to the quilt sandwich! 

I’ve also started working on my POP blanket again, after neglecting it for so long. Over the past few days, I’ve completed 3-4 new squares. I hope to maintain my determination to finish all the squares soon! I’m on my last skein of handspun for this project, so when it’s depleted, I’ll sew it up and see what I’ve got!

on a roll, i hope.

POP blanket update

One of my 2015 goals is to finish my POP blanket. So far this year I’ve completed 5 squares.

This brings my grand total to 47 squares. Here they are pictured on a blanket whose measurements are perfect for a lap blanket that’s big enough to share. No, not exactly a lap blanket. I mean smaller than for use in a bed, but just the right size for reading or watching movies on the sofa. The background blanket looks bigger in the photo than it really is. It’s less than 5 feet long.

Of course there will be some crochet between and around the squares, which will add to the overall size, but I see that I still have quite a long way to go!

POP blanket update

I’m definitely way behind on my goal of one POP square per day!  My knitting friends pointed out that since this blanket is a long-term project, meant to be worked on now and then, it’s totally ok to fall behind.  That was just what I needed to hear!  Since finishing up the Halloween costumes and having such great progress done on my quilt,  I’ve gotten back into knitting the squares, one per day~ish.

Today I finally blocked my most recent stack of squares.  As I did so, I marked my blocking pieces with 5″ x 5″ squares in fabric ink, so I don’t have to measure each square, every time I block them.

Squares = easy blocking!

Squares = easy blocking!

In the photo below, you can easily tell the first skein of handspun from the second– the first was basically orange and purple, while the second has fuschia, purple, brown… It should brighten up the blanket a little.

Latest squares.

Latest squares, blocking.

So far I have about 39 squares (I finished one after taking this photo).  They are only roughly the size of my cutting mat, which is  36″ by 24.”  Not very big.  I’ve started to run a little low on my second skein of handspun, too.

ALLLLL my squares thus far.

ALLLLL my squares thus far, in no particular order.



Feeling pretty sure that I’ll need more handspun, I decided to finish up the last part of my spinning goal for 2014, so I can get to the matching roving!  My final 2014 spinning project is these Cormo locks! This photo only shows half- I already divided it in half by weight.  I’ve never spun locks before! I’ve found that predrafting these is pretty hard, and there are some bits that would be REALLY hard to straighten out, or they’ll make my spinning very lumpy.  So I think I’ll ask around to see if any friends have handcarders I can borrow.  And then I’ll teach myself how to use them….

Oh, never mind....

Oh, never mind….

With that out of the way, I can start this spinning project!  This was my only roving purchase from Stitches 2014, and it happens to go well with my POP handspun.  (What is it with me and purchasing well-coordinating roving at Stitches??)

Let's do this instead!

Let’s do this instead!

So please excuse me while I get started!

POP KAL progress

At knit night this evening, the three of us working on POP happened to have brought it to work in, so I was able to get a photo of our first seven days on the project!


The lighting is bad, but I think you can see that the squares are beautiful! They are going to be three very different but pretty blankets!

I’m really glad that I’m doing this as a KAL! I don’t think I’d have the stamina for this project on my own!

POP! goes the blanket!

This morning my POP blanket KAL buddies and I met up for our ceremonial cast on!

It was my first time using the Pinhole Cast On!

After a while, I realized I needed to go up a needle size, but I still managed to get some good progress in the time I had:


It’ll be fun to see how our different versions of the same blanket come out! I’m using my handspun while the other two knitters are using Noro Silk Garden and Noro Kureyon.

Later, I did the short row corners and bound off! One square down!