One-nap sewing project!

Yesterday during the wee boy’s nap, I put together a little project I’d been thinking about– a new pillowcase for him!

I used scraps from previous projects, construction fabric, one striped, two solids. I decided on a pretty traditional-looking patchwork design, but I cut the pieces more rectangular than square.

I haven’t done quilting before, and I was really more interested in making a cute, fast project than following directions for once, so I totally winged this one.




After his nap, he laid right down on it and hugged it. Success!

Birthday sewing

In spite of late bed times and other interference, I managed to haul out my sewing machine for some last-minute birthday seeing for the wee girl.

You see, I don’t have a craft room or even a designated craft space. My kitchen table doubles as my sewing room, so when I’m done sewing/nap time is over/etc., I have to stash everything in the closet, away from curious little hands. This means that it’s kind of a big deal to get sewing in. Knitting is no biggie, as a knitting project is easily brought out and stashed away. But the sewing machine and accoutrements? They take more energy to gather than I always have at the end of the day, no matter how badly I’d like to sew, which is why I’m up late, trying to finish some last-minute gifts for the wee girl who is turning 6 tomorrow.  (6!!!???)

Anywaaaaay, here’s what I worked on tonight! A friend gave me this pretty fuschia butterfly fabric recently, and I decided to make  it into a pillowcase. I think the wee girl will love it, and perhaps the slick fabric will help keep her hair from getting so tangled. Or so I hear…

There’s just enough of the fabric left over to make something cool.  I’m thinking about some kind of art supply carrying case.  I saw some in a shop today and thought they were cool but 1) we already have all the art supplies it included and 2) I could make a prettier case at a fraction of the cost.


And here’s the second project, which I promised her a while back– She chose the pattern– it’s a dress from One Yard Wonders, and she also chose this pink Hawaiian print fabric (oh, my!!!).   It’s a fairly simple pattern, and I’m nearly done, but the armhole facings are a tad challenging, especially since it’s my first time trying this particular skill, and it’s late at night (read: I’m exhausted….). Oh, well. She’ll be glad I’ve started, anyway, because she often asks about this dress!


I’m not betting on finishing the dress by gifting time tomorrow, but you never know…..