To boldly go

Today was all about pajama pants!

pajama pants are easier to see than they look!


live long and don’t snore!

silly pic, just for fun. the wee girl caught me doing a crazy dance to celebrate my geeky new pajama pants.

I was so excited to finish these that I immediately cut out the same pattern from my Dr. Who fleece.  Unfortunately, I cut the front pieces with the pattern upside down.  After thinking about it during the afternoon/evening, I decided that I want the pajamas to be awesome, so I re-cut (I had way more fabric left over than I expected!). Hopefully I can sew them up tomorrow and have super warm jammies!

Marvel pants!

The Marvel comics pants have been a big hit!  They are super roomy, comfy, colorful, and the kids are happy with them.  Please disregard the fact that the boy is mixing DC with Marvel in this photo.  😉

Marvel pants!

Marvel pants!


Marvel pants mid-twirl

Batman pants may be coming soon!