Today the new Batman Lego movie came out, and as the Wee Boy is a huuuuuuge fan, we decided to go see it right away!  I didn’t think ahead about preparing something fun to wear for it, but luckily I had felt and about 30 minutes.

I found this pattern online- but instead of  craft foam, I machine-sewed together two layers of craft felt, because that’s what I had on hand. It worked just fine- the ears stand up and because I did edge stitching, it should hold up okay.  I made one mask per kid. Also- I enlarged the template about 160%, if I remember correctly.  Black elastic would have been cooler, but again, I happened to have white, so it had to suffice.

The Boy wore all the Batman gear he could come up with, then I added the cape (from his Darth Vader costume two Halloweens ago). He looks serious here, but he had the best time!

The movie was good! I’ll confess, though, that after waking up at 6:30, food and kid prep, morning school traffic duty, school drop-offs, my weekly volunteer gig, school pickups, grocery shopping, last-minute crafting, etc., I was pretty tired and actually slept on and off for a while during the middle.

Shhh, don’t tell the kids, and also please cross your fingers that they don’t ask me too many questions about the movie… 😉

Sinus infection and Spirited Away

It was another Sick Day for me, although I had to be more active than yesterday, so I couldn’t rest as much.  As such, I let the kids watch a movie even though it wasn’t a designated movie night.  Spirited Away is always a good choice.  It isn’t until near the end, but eventually you see some of the characters spinning and knitting, and there’s even a weaving loom in the background.  Yeah!



Eventually Granny (Zeniba) presents Chihiro with a hair tie which she says her friends “wove together,” which is odd considering the skills they used, but oh well.  They tried.

Now off to bed, hopefully to feel better tomorrow.