Two FOs

The Wee Girl’s socks, finished last night!

And my Hermione bear, finished this afternoon at the park.

You may have noticed that I’m trying to use up large quantities of blue acrylic! I’ve been putting a big dent in my bear/acrylic stash lately, but I must remind myself not to accept so much of it at the next stash exchange, as it’s pretty much the last yarn I reach for, and tends to stick around for too long. 

Bear sighting!

My Robarge Bear has been sighted in South Africa!


In spite of the dubious expression, this child is most likely happy with his bear; we bear knitters been informed that 1)a lot of kids who receive bears haven’t had their photo taken before, and don’t know what to make of it, and 2) the kids don’t always understand that they get to keep the bears after the photo.  So some kids look excited or happy, while others might look confused or indifferent in the photos.

Tomorrow I should have two FOs to show you.  One is my latest bear (it’s nearly all knitted up, just needs stuffing and embroidery), and the Wee Girl’s socks!

This n that

These days I’ve been working a little on my Trillian, a little on the Wee Girl’s socks, and also on a secret (Non-knitting)  project. Tonight my hand is hurting from the small needles of the first two projects I mentioned, so I went back toy current bear project.

Im using stash exchange yarns- somehow my friends always convince me to take lots of yarn “for bears.” I’m an easy sell, I guess, because I have quite a lot of bear yarn, in spite of the large number of bears I’ve made. 😁

2015 Goals Update

Realizing that there are only a few months left to complete my 2015 knitting-related goals, I checked back to the goals I’d set out for myself on the Purl Jam blog back at the beginning of the year.

*Marissa’s goals are:

1) Knit up her handspun stash (as of December 31, 2014)!

2) Darn handspun socks! She bought the darning egg late last summer, so….!!!

3) Charity knitting: 15 bears for the Mother Bear Project and 15 hats for Larkin Street Youth Services.

Results so far???

1)According to my Ravelry project page, it looks like I  haven’t knit anything using my handspun in 2015, except maybe scraps here and there for bears and hats!  Left to be knit up?  This much, I think.


I’m much better at taking spinning notes in my tiny notebook than uploading my spinning info to Ravelry, so I’m not sure when I spun some of these….  But as you can see, I’m nowhere close to knitting them all up!

2) I haven’t darned any socks yet!  The darned darning egg stares at me every time I open my craft closet….

3) At least I’m making some progress with charity knitting, however skewed it may be!  I’ve knit up 23 bears for the Mother Bear Project, but only 4 hats for the Larkin Street Youth Services.  Yesterday when I thought about these goals, I started a hat right away and finished it tonight.  I have excuse for not knitting hats!


This was knit using one of my “crazy balls” that I made a few months back.  It’s a fun and easy way to stripe, even if the results are crazy!

How are you doing on your 2015 goals?

Recovery and bears

Yesterday’s wisdom tooth extraction went fine– I spent most of yesterday sleeping, resting, downing broth and juice.  Today has been more of the same.  The pain hasn’t been bad, because I’m keeping on top of the pain meds and icing my puffy cheeks fairly regularly.  I can move on to thicker liquids today, so I’ll start with soups.  I haven’t been as hungry as I expected to be on a liquid diet, but to get more calories in, I had ice cream for dinner last night and for lunch today.  So it’s not all bad.  :0

On to bear news!  A few days ago, the Mother Bear Project posted new photos of bears with new owners in South Africa, and Amy had found my Frank Junior and Norbert among them.  Today I looked back through them and also found Frank Junior in a group shot.  Cute!

Frank is the mostly orange one with dark green stripes and a hood.

Frank Junior!

Frank Junior!

Today I looked through some new photos from Botswana and found my Paul Bear.

Paul Bear

Paul Bear

I haven’t done any knitting yesterday or today, so that’s it for my crafting news.  Back to recuperating!

Fezzik Bear


My F-bear, Fezzik.  I know, I know, Fezzik is a male!  But I had already quite decided on his name before I started knitting the bear.  After all, The Princess Bride has been my #1 favorite movie since age 15 or so, and therefore with a movie-themed naming system this time around, I had to include Fezzik.  You understand, don’t you?