Sweater progress, and socks-to-be

A sweater in DK yarn can go quickly, and because the pattern I’m using is so simple, this French Toast pullover is flying! Progress as of five minutes ago:

  I’m about 11 rows from the ribbed hem, then on to the sleeves and neckline.
The fit is good- not too tight, not too loose, comfortable with a layer underneath. I have high hopes for this sweater!

In other knitting news, yesterday when I checked the mail, I got to tell my husband for the first time ever, “your yarn is here!!!” Seriously! He’s overcome his trepidation at wearing handknit socks (“they’re too special!”), and actually requested a replica of his favorite ones(Mr.Pitt’s Socks), in the same yarn (Berroco Ultra Alapaca Light) different color (Salt and Pepper).  

Maybe I’ll  wind the yarn when my sweater is done…. 😜

French Toast

My French Toast pullover is speeding along nicely, even though I didn’t touch it yesterday.

Before I did any knitting today:

  And just now:

It will have a ribbed collar later- I’m really looking forward to seeing that done, as the collar looks so big and floppy right now. 
I tried it on twice today- at the time I took each photo. The first time was to check the fit before committing more time to the project, the second was to make sure I hadn’t been dreaming the first time; the fit was so perfect. 

I’ve made very few pullovers in my knitting career, but suddenly I’m feeling interested in them. Let’s see how this goes!


One of my knitting friends has done what she has dubbed “cablepalooza” over the past few years, just after the holiday knitting rush. During cablepalooza, she knits a bunch of interesting cabled hats, thereby learning more about cables and ending up with lovely new hats.

This year, cablepalooza has spread to our knitting group, and some of us have decided to knit things other than hats. Me, I’ve decided to knit a pullover. I’ve been feeling the need/want of a simple, neutral, very useful knitted sweater that isn’t a cardigan. Another knitting friend suggested the pattern French Toast, and this, combined with two skeins of Miss Babs Wowza in Pewter, seem pretty much perfect. 


wowza indeed! these are giant cakes of yarn!

I’ll swatch tomorrow.  I’m worn out from an outing to the Asian Art museum this morning, and much time with the kids all afternoon and evening. I’ll leave you with some highlights from the museum.


when you see ukiyo-e and you realize you’ve been to the place depicted.




tiny tea making!


i think the wee boy would love this.






A Sunday in January

The day started out nicely, at my sock knitting group, where I started a Chasing Snakes sock (pattern from knitty.com).  The yarn I’m using is Miss Babs’ Yummy (baby/sock weight) in the colorway Little Red.  The project bag made in a sock patterned-fabric was made by yours truly.  I love it!

TotoroIMG_9928wtmkReady to start a sock!


In the afternoon we decided to head down to Half Moon Bay, where we discovered Dunes Beach.  It was a great spot to spend a few hours playing in the water and collecting seashells.  In addition to lots of little shells,  I saw 4 different live sea dollars wash up with the waves.  I had never seen that before!  TotoroIMG_9960wtmk


Happily, the new sock is quite a bit further along than it was at 9:30am.