When a 7 year-old is your photographer

Well,  this results:

I’m not ready yet!

gah! too windy!


hmmm, where did the wee boy disappear to??


hey! you’re looking at me, and I’m looking at you!


hmm, maybe another pose?


i know, i’ll change the scarf style!


wait, i’m not ready!


no, not yet!!

And so on, and so forth. But I think she’s getting better at this, don’t you? 

Mini Mania, done!




Sorry for the blah night photos! This ended up about 5″ wide and 70″ long. The fringe is only about 2″, because I cut it too short while knitting. Ha!

It’s pretty much perfect- long enough to wear different ways, wide enough to cover my neck and chin but not bulky. Just what I wanted. 

This was actually a fun knit, in spite of the long rows. It was great for movie knitting, and I could maybe do another in the future… 


Today the kids and I met an old friend at SCRAP.

   It’s this crazy place where you can donate craft/art supplies, and also buy them super cheap while reducing your carbon footprint.



It’s endlessly entertaining, at least for me. Not so much for the kids. I left with two sewing patterns; one for pajamas (my Hello Kitty ones are kaput, so I need new ones!), and one for a skirt.

nooo, it’s not the ankle length skirt that drew my attention!

 I was also on the receiving end of my friend’s yarn destash. I couldn’t resist these: 

remind me to knit these !

I’m almost done with my Mini Mania scarf.  If it gets much longer, I’m afraid it will fold over instead of standing up nicely at my neck.  I’ve decided to do three more stripes, then finish it up. 

almost there!



Before leaving Tahoe, we stopped at Fanny Bridge to see if we could spot any trout, as our map purported we would. We couldn’t. I blame the drought.



We made it back to San Francisco, safe and sound, and reasonably sane.  We watched Mulan, the Wee Boy had a very difficult bed time (4 days with no nap! Aghhhhh!!!!), and I knitted on my Mini Mania scarf.  I think I’m nearly done.


 It’s almost 4″ wide, and I’m a small person, so I don’t want a super wide scarf. So basically my plan is to knit through my scarf yarn and see where I am!  I might be done in 6 rows, maybe more…

Spring Break, day 3

It started out icy! It snowed again last night!


We went sledding again, but I only took a photo of the view down to Lake Tahoe.

yesterday i hadn’t realized how amazing the view would be with clear skies.

Then, down at lake level:




 After lunch the kids and I hung out at a beach: 




the water is so clear!


 Then at a playground:

coyote! very close but uninterested in us.


 Then, back at the cabin, I built my first ever fire:


 Then knitted. 

stripey decisions




Spring Break, day 2

  A beautiful sunrise,



Snow angels,  


it’s steeper than it looks!


A mountain or two, 

fun side note- i texted my brother to ask if he has worked on the cell phone towers in the distance, and he said yes, plenty of times. AND he can see this mountain from his house outside of Reno. nice view!


A fire,  

More snow,

it snowed several inches this afternoon!


Barefoot snow action,

toughest kid I know


A cold stroll,

ganbatte, daffodils!

And some knitting.  

decent progress, and i decided i like it.


Not pictured: snowball fight!!!

Spring break, day 1

The Wee Girl is on spring break this week, so we decided to take a short trip to Lake Tahoe. 

The drive went more smoothly than we could have imagined, and we even saw a tiny rainbow outside Sacramento.

tiny, upside-downy rainbow!

Approaching Truckee, there was snow!

snow, gandalf, snow!

  There was actually enough snow on the ground in Tahoe City for a wee snowball fight. 



Then there was fire building. 



And s’more making.


And knitting.  

By the time I’d had enough, I had this. I’m not sure yet if I love it, but it’s nice. 

The forecast says snow, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed…