Too hot!

Are you a Shel Silverstein fan? Do you know that poem “Too Hot?” That’s how I felt today-too hot to be comfortable… It was in the 80s here in San Francisco, and we felt it! I had to resort to a super light skirt and tank top to bear being outside. I know it sounds goofy to whine about such weather, but we’re used to a chilly, foggy summer, so the heat can take us by surprise. 😕

I suppose because of the heat and resulting fatigue, I haven’t been super into my fiber hobbies. In fact, I took yesterday off completely. Without knitting a single stitch, I went to bed early with Robert Louis Stevenson.


a captivating read!

Tonight, though, I’m spinning again.

  I realized tonight that I’ve worn out the spring on my wheel! I ordered a new one and in thee anyone carry on, not as easy as usual, but it scratches the itch.

Second wind

Tonight I realized why I have been feeling so tired and not up to crafting much the past few nights– I’d forgotten about my second wind! If I’m up and interested, I get a good, crafty second wind around 9pm. I count on it for my mental health at the end of long days caring for kids.

Not waiting for the second wind wasn’t really the only issue, though. I’ve been taking the Wee Girl around places to sell chocolate bars for her school fundraiser, and that a) has us out all afternoon and b) has us farther from home, so I’m really tired by the time we get home.

So here I am, tired, but not too tired, ready to ply this silky, soft loveliness.

In knitting news, I’ve yet to take good photos of the Giant Cowl I knitted, but I’ve started the second one.

We are all supposed to contribute $100 of goods or services for the Wee Boy’s preschool fundraising auction. Between the yarn cost and the knitting time, these cowls will be a good deal!