Under control and in the shop

Yesterday I spent about an hour on the phone with Apple support, recovering my hidden iPhoto library.  I was pretty nervous about it– losing 6 years of photos would have been really sad.  Anyway, they were great and my photos are back where they belong, I’m back to using iwatermark, and I’ve finally been able to publish a few new items on Etsy that have been ready for some time now!  

I have 7 project bags made in Marvel Comics or Star Trek fabric.  They’re great for smallish knitting or crochet projects like hats, socks, amigurumi, etc!  



Here’s my shop: 



Getting things up on Etsy is a bit time consuming!  There are quite a few steps involved; making, photographing, uploading the photos to the computer, watermarking them (I might be a bit nutty about this one, but I really want to keep credit for my creations), and finally listing the products on Etsy, which also takes time, if one wants to do a thorough job of it.  Not to mention that I can only do all of this when the kids aren’t around, which is…. almost never!  :0