Wee sweater, modeled!

The Wee Boy’s sweater was finally dry today, and we had some nice outings that provided good backgrounds for FO photos.


botanical gardens in golden gate park


our favorite library

I thought it might be a tad fitted, but it turns out he has plenty of room to grow!

As a bonus, the Girl wore her Wonder Woman sweater, so I got a few good shots of it as well.


Gramps cardigan- done!

Today all I had left in this cardigan was the pockets and elbow patches. Luckily we were able to squeeze in a trip to Imagiknit for buttons, and I finished the embellishments while we watched Toy Story this evening. After the kids were asleep, only the buttons remained!

As you can see, I chose super gramps-y buttons!

The finished sweater:

I always forget how little I enjoy sewing on embellishments! I did okay to poorly with the elbow patches, but I might just let them be. I secretly hope that I can spiff them up with blocking. Wishful thinking, probably, but overall, I’m satisfied, and more importantly, it both fits and pleases the wee boy!