Secret knitting reveal!

Phew, it’s hard keeping knitting secrets, but finally I can share the secret project I’ve been working on.  It was for my knitting group’s birthday swap, but my swappee was ill last week and missed knit night.  Tonight I was able to present her with….


A jellyfish hat!!  This was a fun knit.  The jellyfish is lightly stuffed, so it puffs out a little.  The farthest right tentacle dangles a little.  I love it!  I think my recipient does, too.


(not my) blog post (well, sort of)

In the absence of any interesting crafty news from me, here’s a blog post I wrote today for my knitting group.

I’ve been working hard at avoiding knitting (it’s SO HARD!!), and I think it’s paying off.  The less I knit right now, the better and faster my wrist/hand will heal, so I’ve been doing lots of reading instead.  With that said, my current book is calling me!  I’m reading The Sword in the Stone– this one, with rather nice illustrations, yes, very YA, but what a fun book!  Are you reading something good right now?

Birthday exchange

As I’ve mentioned before, my knitting group does this awesome birthday exchange thing.  We get assigned to knit for someone’s birthday, like a Secret Santa exchange.  Usually we have a theme like hats, cowls, mitts, etc., but this year the knitter/giver gets to choose.  Well, yesterday was my actual birthday, and tonight was Knit Night, so I was on the receiving end, yay!

I had another knitter take some pics so you could see how it went.



What IS this face???

What IS this face???

What a beautiful bag!

What a beautiful bag!

You'll see the reason for THIS face in the next photo.

You’ll see the reason for THIS face in the next photo.

Very Wisconsin fabric!

Very Wisconsin fabric!

Thanks, Nan!

Thanks, Nan!

I love how simple and sturdy this bag is.  I can’t wait to use it!

Etsy and Gloria

From being mentioned on the Yarn Harlot’s blog last week, my Etsy shop suddenly had a lot of traffic and even a few new orders.  It wasn’t the best timing, stock-wise, as I had been away for over a month and hadn’t been able to make the new project bags I’d wanted to have in stock.  Today I spent some time at the sewing machine and was able to stock up the shop a bit, but there’s still work to be done.  The new project bags I made are Dalek, Tardis, and Star Trek-themed!

Exploding Tardis!

Exploding Tardis!



That would be illogical.

That would be illogical.

My Etsy shop is, if you or someone you know has geeky/sci fi taste and needs a new project bag!

In Mother Bear Project news, I found my Gloria Bear among many bears with their new owners in South Africa.  Love!


Gloria with her smiley new pal.

I finished knitting my Giants cowl at knit night tonight, but then I messed up the kitchener and have to redo it.  I learned a lesson– if you know you’ve messed up the kitchener, stop and fix it!  Don’t try to keep going and just make more work for yourself.  :0

This n that on a Tuesday

At knit night I started with two turned heels on my Monkey socks: IMG_8789 And left with the gussets picked up and ready for decreasing. It was a short knit night for me, as my husband had to attend our co-op preschool’s mandatory monthly business meeting. Ah! My latest handspun is dry! IMG_8791 After washing it mellowed it somewhat, but is still twistier than I normally spin. Was it the fiber, or me? At any rate, it’s pretty and I have a small cardigan in mind for it.

In double blogging news, I’ve written a new post for my knitting group. If you’re interested, click away!

A Tuesday

Today I received in the mail a ball of yarn I won from Pincushion shop in San Francisco! It is very pretty!


I have made good progress on my Serenity socks. Here they are at Knit Night this evening:


And, as we sometimes have happen, a fellow knitter was destashing some yarn, and I took this ball for charity hat knitting.


At the end of last year, I donated a few
knit hats to the Larkin Street Youth Services, but I would like to spread out my charity hat knitting, so I thought I’d so one per month this year instead of a bunch in December. I think this yarn would make a great hat for a teen in need of some comfort.

And I finished plying my huge amount of Rambouillet! I hope to have time tomorrow to wind and wash it!

Thus ends my Tuesday! I hope yours was good, too!


Oops, and an FO!

My friend expressed concern at my missing two days of blogging, but I assured her that I try to only take one day off here and there. :0 I don’t like to be wrong, so here’s today’s post!

I got in some unexpected bear knitting, as I grabbed the wrong project bag as I headed out this afternoon. Ursula bear now has two legs! I like how she matches my project bag.


At knit night tonight, I finished my Chasing Snakes socks! I thought they’d be done last night, but I realized the first foot was a bit short, so I ripped back to where I’d ended the pattern. I was so ready to be done with this pair, so I made the stockinette toe longer than the pattern called for. I love them, and I love that they’re done!!


I’m feeling some startitis coming on, with only one project on the needles. I feel like knitting a sweater, and there are plenty of sweater yarn choices in my stash, so I have to narrow down my options and start swatching!

Knit night!

Ahhh, Tuesday again.  A few hours of knitting with friends is worth many, many hours of massage, therapy, lounging at the beach, whatever might be therapeutic and relaxing, especially when some of us are crankier than usual…..

I forgot to take photos at Knit Night, so here’s a shot of my two WIPs, a bear for the Mother Bear Project, and my second Chasing Snakes sock.  I probably knit half this sock at knitting tonight.  I haven’t felt very attracted to the knitting, although I think the finished sock is very pretty.  I try to work on this pair when I’m at knitting groups, so I will get a chunk of it done without even noticing the effort I’m putting in.


You may have noticed that I wrote “my two WIPs.”  Yes, I have only two knitting projects on the needles right now!  I tend to be almost monogamous with my knitting, as I prefer to work on my projects until they’re finished, then start another.  I don’t like projects to languish in the closet or on the shelf.  There was a point maybe 5 or 6 years ago when I had too many projects going on at once, and somehow it struck a nerve in this Virgo, and I steadfastly finished all the WIPs, and since then I haven’t had more than about 3 at a time.  In general, one might be kind of challenging, maybe not super portable, and the other is simple, easy to take along and knit in public while carrying on a conversation.  Lately, when I need a super easy project right now, I just cast on another bear.  It’s super simple and only takes a few days, so it’s not a huge commitment, WIP-wise.

How about you?  Do you have lots of projects on the needles (hook, sewing machine, etc), or are you fairly monogamous in your craft?

Knit Night!

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.  Why? Because it’s KNIT NIGHT!  I get a few child-free hours out with friends, where we hang out and knit and chat.  I look forward to Tuesday like most people look forward to their birthday, or Christmas, or a vacation…

Tonight these four Hogwarts-themed bears and one blue guy went along to Knit Night with me, but they went home with a friend to be mailed off to the Mother Bear Project in Minneapolis along with some of hers.  It’ll be nice for them to get to know each other on the trip.

I also made some good progress on my Chasing Snakes socks.  The red is so much nicer than it looks here.