Home again

A few highlights from our last day or so in Tahoe:

Reading the funnies: 

hubby turned 50 during this trip! some of us were too busy with preparations to realize it…


The cold never bothered him anyway.

So. Many. Snowball fights!


they waited so patiently for me to throw my sbowball at the tree above them. mwahahahaha!



we talked about not throwing sniwballs at close range, but the message did not sink in.

  One last outing to go sledding- this time to last year’s favorite- Mt Rose.   


On the way home we stopped at my husband’s brother and sister-in-law’s house in Sacramento, and we met their new dog!  It might sound goofy, but letting this sweetie was one of the highlights of our spring break!

Aside from heating issues in the cabin, we had a pretty good time. For me, the most fun was pelting my family with snowballs, and I worry a bit about what that says about me. 😜 

I only knitted a few rows the entire time we were gone, a big contrast from last year when I knitted my mini mania scarf in Tahoe. It doesn’t feel like my carpal tunnel issue exactly, so I wonder if I made too many snowballs for my age. 😔

Secret Project Reveal

Tonight I put the last finishing touches on my big secret project that’s taken…. I don’t even remember how long.  But it feels like a pretty long time, because since the Wee Boy stopped napping, I’ve only been able to work on it here and there- it’s not portable, and it takes quite a bit of time and space to work on.

Anyway, here it is!

This is a pattern to make a Princess Bride-themed Quiet Book.  In case you’re unfamiliar with quiet books, they’re basically felt/cloth activity books meant for kids to play with.  A lot of times they’re meant to be somewhat educational, but in this case, this has been my #1 favorite movie since I was 15 or so, and I’ve been super excited to make it into something fun for kids, so it’s purely for entertainment value!


I started out with obvious ideas for activity pages, sketched them out, then made more detailed drawings and instructions.  Once all the pages were designed (the quick part!), I started writing the pattern at the same time as I followed my own instructions and made the pages myself.

The pages that I expected to be super fiddly, surprisingly, weren’t!  Making this book really isn’t that much work if you have some good periods of time and it’s even better if you don’t have to put everything away after a crafting session as I do (my craft room is the kitchen table).  I even added instructions on shortcuts for those who are less crafty but perhaps love this movie enough to make the quiet book for someone special.

Unfortunately, I can’t share with you photos of the other activity pages because of the same photo-uploading glitch I’ve been experiencing here on WordPress lately.  The sneak peek on Etsy will have to suffice for now.  I’ll share when I can!!!


It worked!

For all my struggles with this crochet owl hat, I’m kind of amazed that it turned out well.  Sadly, I can’t insert a photo (what’s up, WordPress???), but here’s a link to the project on Ravelry.


I’ll take better photos in the daylight– the magenta and purple are very pretty but the night lighting doesn’t do them justice.

Now I’m back plugging away the the other crochet hat, which is supposed to be a dinosaur hat if I can pull it off.

Good night!


Christmas Eve 

Aside from late-night gift wrapping, today wasn’t particularly Christmas Eve-y.  We started with a trip to the local grocery co-op, where I giggled to myself over the absurd prices of (sometimes absurd) items.

  We also hit Imagiknit (twice!), and admired their holiday window decorations.

Between bouts of rain, we scaled Corona Heighs.

  We saw a huge rainbow!

We strolled Fillmore Street and admired decorations in our favorite shop windows.

And I finally put eyes on this fish hat!

I don’t think it looks so worried in real life…

And that was Christmas Eve! Hope yours was merry!

A grand day out, and a ruffle

The kids and I spent a good portion of the day out exploring a new place, then an old favorite.  First, Fort Funston, which was new to us.

The warnings are scary!

But the views are fantastic.    
The tree climbing is also fantastic.


The colors! The textures!
After lunch and gingerbread cookie dough-making, we headed out again, this time to Stow Lake, where the kids enjoyed climbing trees and “tinkering.”


“the tangle of doom”

Our cookie results were pretty funny.


a friend of mine called them the Walking Bread. zombie decorating tomorrow!!!

Knitting-wise, I’ve finished 2 out of 3 secret projects, and have a decent start on the 3rd. Sneak peek:
I have much more than that done now, but this part has to be blocked before I continue. In the meantime, I’m working on a bear.
And how was your Saturday?


Living on the edge

This Honey Cowl is so near completion that I’m using my kitchen scale and computing how much more I can knit before binding off, and how much yarn to leave for the bind-off row.  Cutting it close is one of the things I love about knitting! Will it work? Will I have to frog? 

I have these two tiny balls left, but my weighing and calculating tell me that I’ll have more than enough to finish. Results tomorrow!

In other crafty news, I made some felt dryer balls and the kids and I embellished some with needle felting.

The swirl is my favorite. The boy wanted a face, so we have one creepy ball. 

It has been a verrrry long thanksgiving weekend for me. The kids don’t do well at home for long periods of time, so I have to come up with lots of outside entertainment, which I prefer to be cheap or free, since we require so much of it. Today we hit a new library and a new park/walk. The best part was that we ran into preschool friends at both places.😊 We made good choices!

Oh, we also dropped in at a firehouse. Firefighters are so nice to kids!

Happy weekend to you! Are you up to fun things?

Cowl progress

About 8″ done, 3″ to go! Home stretch!

Since we are a small family living quite far from most of our relatives (only one set is within driving distance), our holidays tend to be small and unstructured.  So today’s Thanksgiving was marked by a trip to the beach, a small, early meal (husband goes to work at 3:00pm), then an outing to the park.


 Simple, easy, (relatively) quiet. I’m thankful for the simplicity and for the low expectations my kids have for such holidays. 😜  I hope that my American friends had a nice Thanksgiving, and that friends and readers from elsewhere had a pleasant Thursday.