Big oops/oh, well

Last night I moved right along with my seaming on this blanket, but today I suddenly realized that I’ve been doing single crochet instead of slip stitch. This creates more bulk and uses more yarn. But I’m fine with the way it looks and I don’t fancy ripping out all the seams plus the woven-in ends!  

I feel silly though, especially after convincing myself that I totally remembered how to slip stitch and didn’t need to look it up. Lesson learned!!!

Moving right along

Last night I couldn’t figure out the crochet seams of my POP blanket. After a half hour, I was still at square one, literally.

Luckily, things clicked at Knit Night tonight, and I crocheted four columns.

I wove in the ends at home. Note to self and prospective blanket knitters: weave in the ends as you go! This was only four columns, but it was tedious. Luckily I’d learned early on to at least weave in the seaming end , but there were still many, many ends. The crochet is easier than I thought, and I’m kicking myself for having waited so long.

P.S. We saw the Force Awakens today! Loved it! Go see it, so we can talk openly about it!

Alpaca, spun!

Tonight I finished spinning my 8.9 oz of alpaca.  It’s more even and thinner than I’ve been spinning lately, so it feels like it’s taken a really long time!  

I’ll let it rest tonight and start plying tomorrow.

I also finished the heel of my Ziggy Played Guitar socks, but havent got a photo yet. The color changes are so fun- I expect to have both socks finished before long.

New sock II

Oops, didn’t hit “publish” last night, which explains my two posts in a row. I’m nearly at the heel! The changing colors really keep me going.  I only stopped because I need to  finish my spinning project.
Thankfully, the pattern calls for a short-row heel, so the rainbow-y gradation won’t be interrupted. My challenge was to start the heel before I reached the purple on the Noro, so the heel would stand out. 

What a fun knit! 

Fezzik Bear


My F-bear, Fezzik.  I know, I know, Fezzik is a male!  But I had already quite decided on his name before I started knitting the bear.  After all, The Princess Bride has been my #1 favorite movie since age 15 or so, and therefore with a movie-themed naming system this time around, I had to include Fezzik.  You understand, don’t you?


ahhh it’s good to be home! The flight felt long due to the Wee Boy’s needs, but it went ok.

The U.S. has some really amazing topography, and I look forward to someday exploring between the Midwest and the west coast! 

Home is nice, although I’m still tired and cranky.  

I’m nearly done with my Splatterdash mitts!  

 I’m almost done binding them off, but I’ve been mighty distracted with trying to set up the new computer my husband bought while we were away. Not that I’m complaining!!!! 

Now back to the bind off, and a reasonable bed time!


Yesterday I casted on my new KAL project for my sock knitting group. The group voted to knit Splatterdash, a free pattern for fingerless mitts.  It looks like I didn’t bring the ballband, but I think this is Koigu yarn.

It’s a fun little knit- I’ve finished the main part and am ready to pick up for the feather and fan section that wraps around the hand.  
On the vacation side of things, today the kids and I went with my sister to these pretty little waterfalls she’s told me about.    

To get here, we drove way out to the middle of nowhere, found the tiny unmarked trail, and followed it to this little stream. It was so pretty and the kids loved it!  

When a 7 year-old is your photographer

Well,  this results:

I’m not ready yet!

gah! too windy!


hmmm, where did the wee boy disappear to??


hey! you’re looking at me, and I’m looking at you!


hmm, maybe another pose?


i know, i’ll change the scarf style!


wait, i’m not ready!


no, not yet!!

And so on, and so forth. But I think she’s getting better at this, don’t you? 


Today the kids and I met an old friend at SCRAP.

   It’s this crazy place where you can donate craft/art supplies, and also buy them super cheap while reducing your carbon footprint.



It’s endlessly entertaining, at least for me. Not so much for the kids. I left with two sewing patterns; one for pajamas (my Hello Kitty ones are kaput, so I need new ones!), and one for a skirt.

nooo, it’s not the ankle length skirt that drew my attention!

 I was also on the receiving end of my friend’s yarn destash. I couldn’t resist these: 

remind me to knit these !

I’m almost done with my Mini Mania scarf.  If it gets much longer, I’m afraid it will fold over instead of standing up nicely at my neck.  I’ve decided to do three more stripes, then finish it up. 

almost there!