We had three events today, which is a lot for our family on a Sunday.  

For this and that reason, I only have one photo for the day:


fun with friends in Japantown!

And one for the post-bedtime luxury hour:

This is my latest hat for the Larkin Street Youth Services. Inching closer to 15 hats in 2015… And stash busting to boot!


Today was one of those days in which I really craved Japanese food. So much, In fact, that we went to Japantown twice!

 First to the supermarket…  

For veggie sushi ingredients.

Then for ramen and window shopping.

Today was the last day of the Wee Girl’s summer break, so it was nice that we were able to squeeze in something fun for her sans the Wee Boy and his Tasmanian Devil-like interference.

They were both asleep by 8:00, so I finished my Spunky Eclectic singles!

I just might start plying tonight!

Massage, O Bear, and KonMari

This morning I headed down to Japantown to the Kabuki Spa to enjoy my Christmas present from my husband, a gift certificate for massages. It was my first time there, which is hard to believe! It’s a lovely place, and the massage and baths were very nice.

IMG_9281 IMG_9282 IMG_9277 IMG_9276

While I waited for my ride home, I squeezed in some bear knitting time.

Bear knitting is great for on-the-go!

Bear knitting is great for on-the-go!

By the end of soccer practice this afternoon, I had a finished bear!

Her shiny pal Norbert is happy that she’s finished and they can play


I’ve been working slowly, and not so steadily on the KonMari method of decluttering. Today I attacked some books, photos, and the knitting/spinning magazines that somehow escaped my attention the first time around. (I know, you’re supposed to do all of one type of item at once, but it doesn’t always work like that with my lifestyle. I just do my best.)
I decided to purge this pile of knitting and spinning magazines, and keep only what’s in the file box.

With what I culled last time, this is my pile of knitting and spinning magazines to discard.

More space! Less clutter and stress! Doing the small bits and pieces of decluttering feels really good, and I definitely think a lot harder about purchasing new things.  I’ve hardly knitted any patterns from these, and while I enjoyed reading the spinning magazines, I don’t actually use them for reference or anything other than eye candy.  Hopefully someone else can find them useful!

Two FOs in one day!

Today I finished a new bear named Xena! I couldn’t think of another girl name staring with X, and a warrior princess sounds pretty a awesome, so Xena it it!


Then we attempted to see the Cherry Blossom Festival parade, but my timing was way off and we only saw the ending.


According to the wee girl, “at least we got to see that guy’s tushy.”

Later I finished number 2/14 charity hats for 2014.


I think it’s very pretty and I’d be tempted to keep it if 1) it hadn’t been meant for a homeless teen, and 2) I didn’t have such bushy hair!