A FO and a WIP

The BSJ has been blocked and looks mighty cute!


the ruler is for scale- i made the larger size, but it’s even bigger than i expected.


i bought these gray buttons at my nearest Ace Hardware store, which has a surprisingly good craft section!


people don’t tend to photograph the back of the bsj, so here you go.

I hope to get this sweater mailed off to the expectant mommies this week! 
And here’s my Hitchhiker, which is going quite well, since it’s my only WIP at the moment. I know, I’m weird like that! I sometimes only have one project going at a time…  

I have over 30 teeth knitted now, about ten to go with 57 grams of yarn left. I’d say it’s looking good, but of course the rows are getting longer and longer, so we’ll see!

I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

Class quilt- almost done!!

I finished the hand binding tonight- it went really fast with good pinning and many strands of thread prepared for re-threading the needle quickly. 

I just have a tiny bit of finishing to do tomorrow (backing and sewing on the beige hearts), and I’m DONE! 

Knit night was tonight, and although I couldn’t stay long, it was nice. 

My Hitchhiker is bigger now- after knitting I had a preschool meeting, and I knitted the entire time. I have about 18 “teeth,” with 42 being the goal. 

Not bad for a Tuesday!

Hitchhiker: new obsession

I love this pattern/yarn combo!

This was taken this morning- I’m a bit further along now, as it’s so fun and addicting!

However, I had to focus on the Wee Girl’s class quilt this evening. I’m binding it by hand, which I’ve never done. 


It’s not that easy, but also not as hard as is expected.  But I feel like I need caffeine and daylight to do a better job of it. Good night!