Twelve slow rows 

The current Leethalknits KAL hat I’m working on is going very slowly. Every other row is a very cabley/twisted stitch-y row, and takes lots of concentration on top of the pattern AND stitch key. Not great for knit night or on-the-go knitting at all. So I only have twelve rows of the body done.

On the bright side, the non-cable rows are fairly fast, and I’m finally getting the hang of cabling without a needle. ūüėź

This is (a cool) hat.

Confession: I had my doubts about this hat. I didn’t know if it would fit, if I was doing it right, if I’d like it…. Maybe that’s why I powered through it. I did about 50 rows tonight- half were plain purl, so it’s not exactly amazing, but it was enough to finish! Before the three needle bind off:


one still wonders, what is this!!??

After the bind off:


really cool!

  And one mediocre modeled selfie so you get an idea of the fit.


it fits! it fits WELL!

I’ll block it, which might help the uneven edge a bit.  Overall, I’m extremely pleased with this hat, considering my rough start and great trepidation with such a mysterious pattern and unusual construction!  


A knitting friend convinced me to join a leethalknits hat series KAL. I’d never done anything quite like it, and it sounded fun. The first hat was a mystery, which sounded fun since I’d never done a mystery KAL before. But I got caught up in the crochet hats (deadline crafting comes first!), so I started late. After one frustrating false start, I changed yarn from a dark gray to one that’s easy to see, and which I hope will be less frustrating. 

So far so good! I’ve managed to keep the right stitch count and I can see the pattern emerging.

I could have used a completely solid color to showcase the cables better, but I think this will be pretty, and it’s using up yarn from our stash exchange, always a bonus. Wish me luck!

Crazy hat #5

A few minutes ago, I finished my Crazy Hat #5, made from¬†a purple/gray crazy ball. ¬†It’s fun to reminisce about the various yarns: the brim was a thrift store sweater I unravelled (9 years ago!), the light gray was one of my first hand spun yarns, the plum is leftover Mad Tosh from the Wee Girl’s Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan, I have no idea about the purple, and the top was leftover from a Cairn hat.

Although this is Crazy Hat #5, it’s #7 overall in my hat knitting for the Larkin Street Youth Services. ¬†I added two hats that I thought I had knitted for myself, but never, ever wear, that someone else might be happy to own. ¬†This brings me to almost half of my goal of 15 hats in 2015! ¬†I think I’ll take a break for a bit and cast on some different projects to spice things up.

I may not have mentioned this next project, because it’s not that interesting. ¬†It’s a pair of socks for the Wee Girl. ¬†This is stash exchange yarn, and I’m not that thrilled with it (it’s splitty, the color isn’t fantastic), which keeps me from wanting to work on these. ¬†Therefore, they’re going pretty slowly! ¬†She’ll be happy with them, though, and that keeps me going–¬†slowly, slowly, but surely.

The sunsets in San Francisco have been lovely these days. ¬†I saw so many different, amazing versions in my Facebook feed tonight that made me wish I had more of a western rather than northwestern view from my kitchen window! ¬†Although seeing the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t that bad. ¬†And check out that fog coming in! This view makes washing the dishes less painful, I’ll tell ya.

This yarn will make you really, really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Today I picked up a few yarns to whip up some cowls for the Wee Boy’s school fundraiser. I chose BIG yarn, hoping that they’ll be really quick projects.


I also finished the Breaking Waves hat! Last night I finished the knitting and weaving in of ends, so all I had to do today was sew the brim under.


I was pleased withy floats, so I couldn’t resist a photo of the inside as well! The hat is blocking now. I hope it’ll stretch out somewhat with wear, because it’s kind of tight on me !

Breaking Waves hat, take 2

Having frogged my first attempt at this hat, I procrastinated starting again. Part of the reason was refiguring my numbers, the other was my lack of a 00 needle. I mentioned the latter at knit night tonight, and a friend whipped out a 00 circular needle for me to borrow. Sooooo I casted on at home and have a little progress. My carpal tunnel doesn’t really like this, so it might be very slow going. But at least I’ve started?