Gramps cardigan- done!

Today all I had left in this cardigan was the pockets and elbow patches. Luckily we were able to squeeze in a trip to Imagiknit for buttons, and I finished the embellishments while we watched Toy Story this evening. After the kids were asleep, only the buttons remained!

As you can see, I chose super gramps-y buttons!

The finished sweater:

I always forget how little I enjoy sewing on embellishments! I did okay to poorly with the elbow patches, but I might just let them be. I secretly hope that I can spiff them up with blocking. Wishful thinking, probably, but overall, I’m satisfied, and more importantly, it both fits and pleases the wee boy!

Spring break adventures

The wee girl is over halfway through her Spring break, which means that we’ve (me, wee girl, wee boy) been busy out on adventures around the city and beyond!

This afternoon we went to a favorite spot in Golden Gate park, Stow Lake. The kids have their favorite trees and are happy to just play there. Last time I realized I should have taken some knitting along, so today I was prepared. 🙂

We saw goslings!

We found an excellent swing!

We witnessed a most intimate wedding!

We encountered a creepy Golden Gate Park squirrel!

And in the evening I finally swatched for the wee boy’s new sweater.


All days should be this good!

The bright side

I had this funny thought this evening, about how, in the morning, I often wish I had time to put on make-up, but at the end of the day I’m so tired that washing it off is annoying. So at the end of the day (so to speak), it’s actually better that I don’t wear it.

At least I have time for knitting! The wee girl’s Tiny Tea Leaves is coming along, with just a few rows left before separating for the sleeves. I’ll have to find something to do with that last little bit of handspun.


I finished the gusset decreases on my Serenity socks, not that you can tell from this photo….


And while the wee boy slept…

I picked up yarn to make him a Gramps cardigan (by Tincanknits). He wanted the same colors as in the pattern, but I don’t want to use Tosh for such a rough and tumble guy who’s going to grow out of it soon, so I went with Berroco Comfort.

As soon as the wee girl’s cardi is done, I’ll cast one! Ohhh, Startitis doesn’t usually get to me like this!!