Beach FO

Happily, I’m over my short but fierce cold, thanks for the warm wishes!

While at the beach yesterday afternoon, I finished my Serenity Socks! 


They are actually sparklier than they show up here, and I’m very happy with them.  I’ll always think of Firefly when I see them sparkle…. Maybe I need to knit a Jayne hat…

It was an interesting time at the beach.  There were hundreds of these jellyfish washing up onto the beach.  I’d never seen so many at one time!


Today I’m plugging away at the Wee Girl’s Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan.  I have only about 3 inches until I can do the bottom border of the body section, then on to the sleeves!  It’s nice doing some biggish projects, but I miss the instant gratification of Mother Bear knitting.  So I think I’ll knit a few bears after I finish the cardigan, like a reward.  :0

The bright side

I had this funny thought this evening, about how, in the morning, I often wish I had time to put on make-up, but at the end of the day I’m so tired that washing it off is annoying. So at the end of the day (so to speak), it’s actually better that I don’t wear it.

At least I have time for knitting! The wee girl’s Tiny Tea Leaves is coming along, with just a few rows left before separating for the sleeves. I’ll have to find something to do with that last little bit of handspun.


I finished the gusset decreases on my Serenity socks, not that you can tell from this photo….


And while the wee boy slept…

I picked up yarn to make him a Gramps cardigan (by Tincanknits). He wanted the same colors as in the pattern, but I don’t want to use Tosh for such a rough and tumble guy who’s going to grow out of it soon, so I went with Berroco Comfort.

As soon as the wee girl’s cardi is done, I’ll cast one! Ohhh, Startitis doesn’t usually get to me like this!!

A Tuesday

Today I received in the mail a ball of yarn I won from Pincushion shop in San Francisco! It is very pretty!


I have made good progress on my Serenity socks. Here they are at Knit Night this evening:


And, as we sometimes have happen, a fellow knitter was destashing some yarn, and I took this ball for charity hat knitting.


At the end of last year, I donated a few
knit hats to the Larkin Street Youth Services, but I would like to spread out my charity hat knitting, so I thought I’d so one per month this year instead of a bunch in December. I think this yarn would make a great hat for a teen in need of some comfort.

And I finished plying my huge amount of Rambouillet! I hope to have time tomorrow to wind and wash it!

Thus ends my Tuesday! I hope yours was good, too!


Off to a good start!

My Rose Tyler fingerless gloves and Serenity socks are both off to a good start! It only occurred to me today that both are geeky sci fi fandom projects, which rather tickles me.

The socks are especially fun to work on– plain stockinette socks are a great grab and go project, and the self-striping yarn is so fun!


However, tonight I feel like spending time here, with some Downton Abbey. I’m at a particularly gripping point and I want a project that doesn’t demand much attention!