Outdoors, UFO

We spent another good chunk of the weekend in golden gate park today- exploring, climbing trees, burning off excess energy…


massive tree


these kids will climb anything!


these workout stations are great for energetic kids!

And I squeezed in a bit of UFO knitting. Poor Trillian has gotten very little attention, due to 1) more exciting projects and 2) carpal tunnel. #2 is really the bigger cause, because the smallish size 4 needles tend to hurt me more than, say, a size 8, and I can only do a row or two at a time. Slow going!!
But a row or two is something, anyway.

Wee sweater, modeled!

The Wee Boy’s sweater was finally dry today, and we had some nice outings that provided good backgrounds for FO photos.


botanical gardens in golden gate park


our favorite library

I thought it might be a tad fitted, but it turns out he has plenty of room to grow!

As a bonus, the Girl wore her Wonder Woman sweater, so I got a few good shots of it as well.


Wee sweater

The Wee Boy’s sweater is looking good! It looked like this yesterday: 

Now I’ve picked up the button band/shawl collar and have knitted four rows.  Yeah!   

Because his last hand knit sweater was lost, he’s very concerned about me putting his name in this one. Good kid!

Now for fun, a few pics of an afternoon in golden gate park:



A Saturday 

Today involved…. 

Peanut butter and jelly muffins! (Recipe from Big Vegan)   


Birthday sewing for 1st grade boys!

i made different mistakes on each of these, but they’re sturdy and presentable.


yay! it fits!




Biking in Golden Gate Park!  

Also tree climbing! 

Japanese cooking!

sauteed asparagus, kabocha nimono, blanched spinach with garlic and sesame seeds, yaki udon!

And potion making!

making a face oil


I also knitted two squares for my POP blanket, but unblocked they don’t look like much. Now for a bit of spinning before calling it a day! How was your Saturday?