Tourism, Giants cowl

Yesterday and today were about hanging out with my husband’s old friends from high school (in Connecticut).



  I’ve been pretty much tired out, but tonight I finally talked undoing my faulty Kitchener on my Giants cowl. It took some time, and I dropped a couple of stitches, but I finished the repair!

  Hopefully daylight will offer a good chance for a photo shoot.  It’s a pretty cool fan item, isn’t it?

Halloween, part 2

My main goal today (aside from grocery shopping!) was to make some progress in the Wee Girl’s Halloween costume. I’m glad I set aside a big chunk of time for this, because there are a lot of steps to this pattern! Here are a few:


Ready to sew the apron bib onto the front layer.IMG_5573.JPG

Bib sewn on, bodice lining also sewn in.

Bodice finished aside from sewing the sleeves in (and adding the zipper, which comes much later).

I’m betting that by now you can probably tell what/who the Wee Girl is going to be for Halloween!

As you can see, this is no quickie pattern! The bodice is fully lined, the puffy sleeves are a bit involved, etc. (and perhaps the construction took me some time to comprehend!) But one thing I love about handmade things- the quality will be really good- this fabric will last, the seams won’t tear after one or two uses; it’ll be sturdy. And loved, I hope!

In other news, it has been HOT in San Francisco!! So hot that the beach with friends was definitely the right choice for this afternoon.


“Mommy, I’m learning to surf!”

It couldn’t have been nicer!