More mitts, done!

Today I finished my second pair of Silk Garden mitts.

Only that tiny bit of yarn was left. However, I’d cut out a section of gray/brown to keep them light and more on the red side. So I only used 35 grams of the 50 gram ball.

As I was weaving ends in, I noticed something funny…

Maybe you can see a stitch sticking out? I’d dropped a stitch a few rows after the thumb hole.

I tinked back to the mistake and re-knit the mitt from there. Haha, JK, I’d never do that! I secured it with a spare bit of yarn and called it a day. 

Play dough, FO

This afternoon, to distract the Wee Boy while big sister had a play date over (ever try keeping the little one away??? Tough job!!), we made some play dough. Making was more fun than playing, apparently.  Gotta work on that attention span.

Later, we watched Spirited Away, and I finished the Wabi Sabi mitts.

Although they’re nice, I don’t know that I’d make this pattern again. I think the split cuff is cute and funky, but I imagine it might not be fun when worn with a jacket. It seems like there might be lots of adjustments involved. Oh well.  I’ll check in with the recipient after a while to see how they’re working out. 😜

The most awesome part of this gift is that last night, we ran into the teacher who these are for, and she admired the shawl I was wearing (The Age of Brass and Steam) and said something about buying me some wool (she’s Irish, so ok to call yarn wool) to knit her something. Half-joking, but also wistfully. The Girl and I looked and each other with sneaky, knowing faces, happy that she’ll get her wish in a few days. 

The Girl thinks I need to knit something for her other teacher as well, to keep things even. Oh, ok, if I must…. Wink, wink.

On a roll

Having whipped up a Magic Coffee baby hat yesterday, I was inspired to power through the next one, and I finished it today. Here they are together.


the silky wool doea not make stretchy ribbing! no more silky wool ribbing!

Several family members and friends of mine are having girls in the next few months, and I found this hat so handy when the Wee Boy was a baby, so I’ll continue to knit these up for a while. 

I’m also super inspired to use up this pink  Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool from Stash Exchange 2014. At that stash exchange, I vowed to myself to use up my newly acquired yarn before the next exchange, and not let it become a repeat offender. I’d used some of it in a cowl, but I want to use it all up!

So to that end, I started another baby hat right away!

Because it’s stripes(less yarn used!) and baby hats (tiny!), this ball is getting smaller very slowly. It’ll be interesting to see how many hats I can eke out of it. I’m pairing it with different scraps in order to eventually have a good selection of hats to divvy up among the new baby girls. 👶

Trio of secret knits

Tonight I finished the third of a trio of secret knits. I’m excited to get them sent out and find out how the recipients like them. 

The really fun thing is that these are projects I wouldn’t normally have chosen, but I thought they would suit the recipients.  I flexed my colorwork muscles and did a few skills that were new to me.

I hope to have modeled photos for you soon!

A grand day out, and a ruffle

The kids and I spent a good portion of the day out exploring a new place, then an old favorite.  First, Fort Funston, which was new to us.

The warnings are scary!

But the views are fantastic.    
The tree climbing is also fantastic.


The colors! The textures!
After lunch and gingerbread cookie dough-making, we headed out again, this time to Stow Lake, where the kids enjoyed climbing trees and “tinkering.”


“the tangle of doom”

Our cookie results were pretty funny.


a friend of mine called them the Walking Bread. zombie decorating tomorrow!!!

Knitting-wise, I’ve finished 2 out of 3 secret projects, and have a decent start on the 3rd. Sneak peek:
I have much more than that done now, but this part has to be blocked before I continue. In the meantime, I’m working on a bear.
And how was your Saturday?


Rainbow hat!

I finished knitting my friend’s rainbow hat!!

But I still have these to deal with:

It’s not as bad as it seems. Luckily, I never allowed myself to develop a dislike for weaving in ends.

The squishy lovely garter stitch cowl? It’s done, the ends are grafted together, but it really flattened out between washing and blocking. I’m really sad about it! When it’s in the water, it puffs up and looks lovely, but drying on the blocking squares, it looks sad and stretched. What to do??

Birthday swap 2015!

One of my favorite things about my knitting group is our birthday swap! For our 2015 Birthday Swap, the item we knit for one another is up to us, rather than having a unified theme as we always did in the past.

Not having much holiday crafting on my plate, I volunteered to knit for a January birthday, and tonight was my night to give! The giftee had noted that she’d like a wimple, so that’s what I made for her, using Madeleine Tosh DK in Dahlia.


The pattern is Fresco Basket Whip Cowl, a free pattern on Ravelry.  It was easy but not boring.  The lace kept things interesting, while knitting every other row kept things moving along at a steady pace.  It took maybe a week or two of only-at-home knitting.  I really recommend the pattern, as I enjoyed knitting it and it turned out lovely.



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I was so pleased with how much she liked it! Giving really is just as much fun as receiving! 🙂

Magic coffee baby hats

One down!

You can see how tiny it is next to the tin of mints!
I’ve started another in the next size up.
This will be a colorful, scrappy version!

Now off to bed. I have another full week of two kids on
Christmas break, and I know they’ll be full of energy bright and early tomorrow!