Almost caught up!

Yesterday and today I used my crafty time to recoup my progress on my Godzilla cross-stitch project. Today I reached the point where I’d been before ripping back, aside from the helicopter.

I’m glad I took the time to cut out the wrong colored stitches. I’m much happier with the correct color.

In other news, the trees are starting to change here in Portland! There are bursts of colors here and there.

After so many years in an area without very distinct seasons, I love it here where each season is so different.

Happy autumn!

The Force is strong with this dress.

The day started out as usual, but before I knew it, I had a napping boy, time on my hands, and an irresistible urge to see myself a Star Wars dress! I wanted to have something geeky to wear if we make it to Maker Faire this year, and of course I had to make it myself!!


The pattern is the same as my previous two dresses. I am enjoying the feeling of doing it several times until I really understand what I’m doing, and I also love how comfortable this style is! Good bye, jeans and t-shirts! Hello, dresses and leggings!

I didn’t have enough of this cool spaceship fabric to make a nice A-line, so I made up for it by improvising some generous side slits. I also shirred the back like I did with my bird dress to get rid of the bulk in the back. It still has one poofy area around the waist, I’ll see if I can live with it, or if I’ll have to fix it.

Sorry for the yellow night photo… I was too excited to wait for better lighting!
And here’s a silly partial selfie view!

It’s comfy! And I may or may not have ordered special leggings to wear with it….