I won! And more!

The other day when I went to Yarnapalooza and Northwind Books and Fiber, I entered to win various prizes. I ended up winning a gift certificate for $5!   I used it toward a game the kids and I can play on the flight home on Friday.  

In other news, if any of you follow the Yarn Harlot’s blog, you’ll know about the bike rally and the karmic balancing gifts you may win if you donate to the cause. Well, having been on the receiving end of the karmic balancing gifts a few years ago, I thought it would be fun to donate a prize this time around. Well, I finally got the news today that my gifts would be on her blog today! 


I donated a few geeky project bags- I’ll send them out tomorrow and I hope the recipients love them! 

Well, that was a cool day in knitting/knitting-related pursuits!

Best Sunday ever.

1. We saw Star Wars (A New Hope) in the theater! I made a new skirt for the occasion, and the kids dressed up, of course.


waiting around. yeah…. we went to the wrong theater at first because there are 2 within like 3 blocks and we chose the wrong one. still made it on time!


easy, easy cosplay!


2. The kids both mastered their pedal bikes (the wee boy just got his yesterday!), and there were dandelions.

those cheeks! those dimpled hands!

3. The husband and I went out! Without kids! At night! We saw the Kids in the Hall live and it was amazing. If you’ve never heard of them, check them out.  You won’t regret it.

photographic evidence


mark has just crushed his cast mates’ heads. if this means nothing to you….. go look up Head Crusher amd be prepared to giggle!

 Our weekends aren’t usually quite this epic, I’m still reeling from all the excitement!!!  How was your weekend?

2 FOs, 2 happy campers!

First FO: In case you missed it, late last week, my brother in law asked me to knit him a Jayne hat for Halloween.  Long story short, I was passed an almost completed one, and made short work of it.  Before I sent it to him, I added a letter.

You've got mail!

You’ve got mail!

If you’ve seen the Firefly episode in which the Jayne hat makes an appearance, you might know what the letter reads!  If not, here’s a peek.

Aw, a letter from Ma!

Aw, a letter from Ma (hubby thought brother and sister would be a nicer touch, so I went along with it).

I was super excited about my idea, but wanted him to receive it before I wrote a post about it, in case he’s reading this blog!  Well, today I received a text with this photo:

One happy Jayne hat recipient!

One happy Jayne hat recipient!

He’s super happy with the hat, and as you can see (if you’ve paid attention to the show), the t-shirt is also from Firefly.  And if you haven’t watched Firefly, get thee to Netflix and watch away!  You will not be disappointed!

By the way, if you like sci-fi, my brother-in-law has a really interesting sci-fi blog!  It’s communications written in the first person, describing the antagonist’s space-travelling adventures… Check it out! http://iwasborninspace.com/

Second FO:  I (pretty much) finished the German-style dress I’ve been sewing for the wee girl’s school’s Cultural Heritage celebration this weekend.  My ancestry is 50/50 Norwegian/German, while my husband’s is more varied, Norwegian/Irish/Italian/Portuguese, but as I’m the Maker around here, I went with German.  Getting a Norwegian Bunad together was out of the question, but a little dirndl-type dress, no problem!

Finish up those ties!

Finish up those ties, Mom!

We experimented with a Heidi-style braids, but her hair is still a bit short, and obviously I lack the right hair accessories to pull it off attractively.  Loopy braids might be the answer.

Back view.

Back view.

I’m so pleased that it’s roomy enough to last for years of Cultural Heritage celebrations!!!

Side view.

Side view.

I’d read that small girls’ dirndls can be made of non-traditional fabric, and can be more whimsical so I went with that feel.  Also, this was the best ribbon I found at JoAnn’s, so I chose the fabric to match the ribbon, and this was my favorite combo.



Oh, she is so pleased with it!  Sometimes it can be hard to get a photo shoot out of her, but she sped right outside to take pictures.  Ja!  Das ist gut!

This one pretty much says it all!

This one pretty much says it all!

A Jayne hat

A few days ago I had a voicemail from my brother-in-law, requesting a Jayne hat for Halloween. How could I say no??? I asked a Jayne hat-knitting friend for yarn colors or possible leftovers she could spare, but she delivered much more than that!

All that was left for me were the ear flaps and Pom Pom! In about the time it took to watch Mulan, I finished it!

I can’t wait to see the costume in its entirety!

Marvel Comics project bags!

Today I had time to finish up the three large-ish project bags I’d been working on!  These fit a good-sized knitting or crochet project  (bigger than a sock or hat project, a good size for sweater pieces or a cowl, etc.)  I’m pleased with the results and they’ll be in my Etsy shop soon!

IMG_5200 IMG_5201 IMG_5202 IMG_5205

Marvel pants!

The Marvel comics pants have been a big hit!  They are super roomy, comfy, colorful, and the kids are happy with them.  Please disregard the fact that the boy is mixing DC with Marvel in this photo.  😉

Marvel pants!

Marvel pants!


Marvel pants mid-twirl

Batman pants may be coming soon!


Well, I certain didn’t mean to take a whole week off from blogging! We took a rode trip up to Portland, Oregon, and WordPress crashed every time I tried to open it on my iPhone. It was frustrating, but I suppose it also allowed me to relax without thinking about what to blog that day.

How about a week in photos to make up for a week of silence?

Perhaps the most awesome photo I have of myself with my husband?  (our nephews in Portland have the BEST toys!!!!)



Proof that the mountains in Northern California are HOT!!!!


Gorgeous, gorgeous roses at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland.20140613-205123-75083387.jpg

20140613-205123-75083014.jpgHammocks are the greatest!



Lavender rose!  (the order of these photos is messed up, sorry!!!)20140613-205123-75083738.jpg


Free poems in Portland!



Excellent Dr. Who graffiti at OHSU observation deck.20140613-205121-75081521.jpg


Handy free library in Portland (same house as free poems)!20140613-205122-75082278.jpg


Jamison Square fountain, Portland.20140613-205121-75081922.jpg


Mt Shasta, northern California!  Can you believe there are seven glaciers up there???20140613-205120-75080868.jpg


Mt Shasta on the way home.20140613-205124-75084394.jpg

Crossing Golden Gate Bridge, the sign that we’re just minutes from home!



My travel knitting ended up being hats!  I had only done 2 of my intended 12 hats for the Larkin Street Youth Services, so I thought I’d see what kind of dent I could make in my numbers.20140613-205126-75086012.jpg


Well, I ended up completing 8 hats while we were away!  So that’s 10 done for the year, only 2 to go!  20140613-205125-75085771.jpgIt was nice to have a vacation and visit family we only see once a year, see a nephew graduate high school, and to see Portland for the first time.  It is so green in Oregon, compared to yellow, drought-stricken California!  It was really nice but also confusing to be able to stay in one layer all day and evening, without wondering when the fog would roll in, or needing a sweater.  I had really forgotten what summer feels like!

But there’s no place like home.  🙂