A little sewing

With warmer weather coming, I started wanting some cooler pants to wear in the garden. I can’t wear jeans when it’s very warm! So I bought a copy of Sonya Philip’s Pants No. 1 and some fabrics from Joann’s, and today after work I dug in! I was able to whip up one pair and a matching mask (😂) in little time.

I wanted pockets but! 1) I forgot. 2) when I remembered, I couldn’t really grasp Sonya’s pocket tutorial. For my next pair, I’ll add in the pocket from the Washi dress, which I really like.

I’ve been so busy in the garden, sowing, transplanting, hardening off, etc. and yesterday I built 3 trellises for my climbers.

This morning I spotted 3 ladies in the yard, taking a closer look at my beds. We’ve put so many in the property, including the front yard and Hellstrip, so we get a lot of attention thin from neighbors!

Happy crafting, gardening, etc!