This morning at my sock knitting group, I made myself focus on sewing up my Splatterdash mitts before working on any other projects. I was able to finish them in time to have a friend take some photos!

 Having decided that the yarn is busy enough on its own, I didn’t sew buttons on.
The same friend also took photos of my Giants cowl. My favorite is this grumpy one. Apparently the Giants lost a game today, so I was probably mad about that.  

Last but not least, we took photos of our April/May KAL, the Mini Mania scarf.   

 I love all the different versions, and I love that our new meetup spot allows for fun new photo ops!
In Etsy news, I added Star Trek and Star Wars project bags to my shop today, and sold one right away, thanks to my most loyal customer. ūüôā

I didn’t have much time or great lighting for the photos, but you get the idea. 

I hope you had a good Sunday too!


Today I did some sewing for my etsy shop! I cut up lots of geeky fabrics…  And ended up with two project bags.  

One is for a current order, the other is to add to my stock. With all this fabric prepped, I hope to be able to add more bags to the shop soon! Once I get my assembly line going, I can be pretty productive. It’s just a matter of having the alone time, as I can’t do much sewing with the kids around. (I don’t know how other moms do it!!!!!) My shop is, if you’re interested!

Tonight I also started a project to knit/wear? at Stitch n Pitch tomorrow evening. The Giants are playing the Brewers, and I have exactly zero sports-related items to wear. Maybe I’ll have a warm cowl by the time the game is over.

Good night!

Under control and in the shop

Yesterday I spent about an hour on the phone with Apple support, recovering my hidden iPhoto library. ¬†I was pretty nervous about it– losing 6 years of photos would have been really sad. ¬†Anyway, they were great and my photos are back where they belong, I’m back to using iwatermark, and I’ve finally been able to publish a few new items on Etsy that have been ready for some time now! ¬†

I have 7 project bags made in Marvel Comics or Star Trek fabric. ¬†They’re great for smallish knitting or crochet projects like hats, socks, amigurumi, etc! ¬†



Here’s my shop:¬†


Getting things up on Etsy is a bit time consuming! ¬†There are quite a few steps involved; making, photographing, uploading the photos to the computer, watermarking them (I might be a bit nutty about this one, but I really want to keep credit for my creations), and finally listing the products on Etsy, which also takes time, if one wants to do a thorough job of it. ¬†Not to mention that I can only do all of this when the kids aren’t around, which is…. almost never! ¬†:0 ¬†

A good day, a day late

Yesterday I forgot to post this:


I sold my first Totoro Quiet Book pattern on Etsy! ¬†Yaaaay! ¬†I’m so thrilled!

And this!


I finished my girl’s Princess Leia dress! ¬†Oops, this photo was before hemming, and I still want to make a better belt, but you get the picture. ¬†The boy is wearing a Yoda backpack. ¬†It’s this hilarious item:

You can pretend you’re Luke Skywalker, training in the swamp with Yoda.


I also finished my first Chasing Snakes sock last night, but I forgot to take a photo.

Wow, three good things in one day!  I hope you had a good day, too!

Stitch Marker Madness!

Lately I’ve been making these snagless stitch markers for knitting projects. ¬†Of course, one only needs so many stitch markers on hand, so now that I have better photos and have them watermarked, ¬†I’m just about ready to post these to my Etsy shop,¬† ¬† I used to make stitch markers with jump rings, and was often annoyed at how the yarn (especially sock or lace weight) would get stuck in the tiny opening. ¬†Snagless markers = problem solved!


New Year, New Blog?

It’s a new year, here’s a new blog.

It seems that it’s kind of necessary to have a blog these days, if you have anything¬†out there that you want people to notice. ¬†Well, I’ve (finally, most people who know me would say) started an Etsy shop, and this blog goes right along with it.

Well, it seems I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. ¬†My name is Marissa, and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. ¬†In college I majored in International Studies, with lots of languages on the side, so it only makes sense that now, after years of studying and traveling and living abroad, I’m a full-time mom in San Francisco. ¬†I spent most of my twenties teaching English in Japan and San Francisco, then studied Court Interpreting, and now I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. ¬†I have the feeling it has something to do with craft and design, but I don’t know which medium yet. ¬†You see, I’m multi-craftual, with my sticky little fingers in all sorts of projects; knitting, crochet, sewing, beading, felt, etc.

Anyway, welcome to my blog, where I imagine I’ll chat about my crafting endeavors, and stories about my kids will probably sneak in as well. ¬†Oh, and before I forget, the name of my Etsy shop is Marissa Made It.