Last-minute birthday earrings 

Today the Girl’s BFF’s mom asked if we’d join them to celebrate her (the mom’s) birthday at Crown and Crumpet, a local tea shop. Of course I said yes, and talked to the Wee Boy about using our best manners, etc., beforehand. ūüėú  

Luckily, my husband took the Boy out just long enough this afternoon for me to whip up a couple of pairs of earrings as a gift.

i like to cut up old greeting cards when i gift them- they are secured and look nice to boot.

The tea was lovely, and I think it was fun for the Girl to experience some of the desserts she’d read about in Harry Potter, even if they were not quite authentic, according to our English birthday mum. It was fun nonetheless!


We had three events today, which is a lot for our family on a Sunday.  

For this and that reason, I only have one photo for the day:


fun with friends in Japantown!

And one for the post-bedtime luxury hour:

This is my latest hat for the Larkin Street Youth Services. Inching closer to 15 hats in 2015… And stash busting to boot!

Halloween event #1

One of the fun things about having kids is the number of Halloween-related events, well,  assuming you like Halloween and costumes as much as I do! Today was our first event of many, and we were excited to debut our new, or in Leia’s case, slightly improved, duds.

I got carried away with adding more and more details- I was actually sewing things onto my outfit in the car to and from the Wee Girl’s soccer game this afternoon. 

an important detail


The Boy’s costume is all DIY/regular clothes except for the mask and light saber, which I bought.

little vader


who’s scruffy-looking?


The Wee Girl’s outfit is from 2 years ago, but she insisted on being Leia again. But this time around I bought her some new boots.

I’m so pleased with how this turned out! I thrifted/up cycled/made the entire outfit, and was working on details up to an hour before our event.   
I came up with more details for the belt this morning. Hot glue gun to the rescue!


We met an Ewok at the party!
Darth Leia on the way home.

We have a Star Wars event tomorrow, so we’re excited to wear our outfits again and to see what getups others come up with!

Sachets, sachets, and more sachets 

This evening I worked steadily on the sachets I’m making for the Wee Girl’s classmates.  I used scraps from her class quilt, so that each kid will have a small part of the quilt they all worked so hard on. 


i’m pretty sure that stuffing them with lavender calmed me down and kept me from losing my temper all afternoon/evening!


21 sachets!!!


they’re all slightly or very different.


the backs are all the same, though.


There was still lots of fabric left, so I whipped up some lavender and flaxseed eye pillows for the teacher, assistant teacher, and the principal, who went out of her way at the fundraiser to tell me how much she loved the quilt.  I think she’ll enjoy having a small piece of it as well.


The end of year party is tomorrow, so I hope to pass these out at the end. I can’t wait to see the kids’ reactions! 

Best Sunday ever.

1. We saw Star Wars (A New Hope) in the theater! I made a new skirt for the occasion, and the kids dressed up, of course.


waiting around. yeah…. we went to the wrong theater at first because there are 2 within like 3 blocks and we chose the wrong one. still made it on time!


easy, easy cosplay!


2. The kids both mastered their pedal bikes (the wee boy just got his yesterday!), and there were dandelions.

those cheeks! those dimpled hands!

3. The husband and I went out! Without kids! At night! We saw the Kids in the Hall live and it was amazing. If you’ve never heard of them, check them out.  You won’t regret it.

photographic evidence


mark has just crushed his cast mates’ heads. if this means nothing to you….. go look up Head Crusher amd be prepared to giggle!

 Our weekends aren’t usually quite this epic, I’m still reeling from all the excitement!!!  How was your weekend?

Mt. Tamalpais

The troops and I headed to Marin this afternoon for a short hike to the top of Mt. Tamalpais. But first I had a sudden urge to finally make water bottle cozies for the kids, so I could give up my job as water Sherpa. I followed an easy tutorial and ended up with this:


It fits an 18-ounce Kleen Kanteen or similar bottle. The Wee Boy gave his up early on, but the Wee girl really enjoyed having hers readily available all afternoon. She left hers in the car though, so no photo yet, except for one action photo:

Mt. Tam is a great short trip from San Francisco, and the views are terrific.




The kids loved climbing the huge rocks more than anything else. How was your Sunday?

Instant gratification sewing

Among the many, many things I’ve been wanting to make are napkins. We are strictly a cloth napkin household, and with messy eaters, we can go through our supply pretty quickly.

I decided on a couple of stash
fabrics to please the kids, and one to please me.




As you can see, they’re nothing fancy, just a double hem and simple straight stitching. We broke them in at dinner tonight and they worked just fine. ūüôā

Just what I needed!

With all my attention going to my Honeybee Cardigan, holiday gifts for teachers had completely slipped off my radar, and tomorrow is the last day of school before the holidays! ¬†Therefore, today I was¬†racking my brain for¬†a¬†craft I could execute¬†at the last minute. ¬†I happened to stop by the art store this afternoon on my way to pick up the Wee Girl, and I happened to glance over to a shelf with a huge 50% off sign that I couldn’t resist investigating. ¬†It turned out that a very tempting sewing book was on the shelf, selling for only about $7. ¬†AND it happened to contain two items I’ve been wanting to sew; a case for sunglasses, and fabric buckets. ¬†Win-win-win!!!! ¬†I want a sunglasses case, so other people might too, right? ¬†Good last-minute gift idea??? I hope so.

Excellent timing for these items to come into my life.

Excellent timing for these items to come into my life.

I was also needing this tool for needle felting.  The Wee Boy has been asking for a needle felted penguin from my Wool Buddies book, and I might have time to whip it up in time to give it to him for Christmas.

I have the book on how to make the Wool Buddies, but have yet to use it!!

Once the kids were in bed, I started gathering ideas/fabrics for sunglasses cases.  I went a little overboard and made 6 instead of the 3 that I actually need right now.

As you can see, one of these was folded and sewn up the wrong way!

One of these things is not like the other....

One of these things is not like the other….

I was so sad that my (admittedly large) sunglasses didn’t fit, and was furious that the pattern was wrong!!!

Doesn't fit!

Doesn’t fit!

And then I figured out that I’d folded it the wrong way. ¬†Ummm…..

Ahhh, that's better.

Ahhh, that’s better.

My plan is to let the Wee Girl choose which case to give to which teacher.  Fingers crossed that they like them!!