Crayon and Giants crafting

Before I was fully awake this morning, I fixated on using tiny crayon bits to make heart-shaped crayons.

I’d always wanted to do this, so I could never bring myself to throw away even the tiniest bit of broken crayon. After baking at 350 for maybe 12 minutes (checking every 2 minutes), they seemed to have melted.

After a few hours, I popped the new crayons out of the silicone molds and oh! They’re pretty!

Later on, very last-minute-like, I whipped up a knitted headband for SF Giants’ Day at the Wee Girl’s school tomorrow.

IMG_6119.JPG (pattern is nothing special, I just CO 8 sts with size 9 needles and knitted garter stitch til it looked long enough, then sewed the ends together. Then I knitted a flower from the headband in Stitch n Bitch Nation, and sewed it on. This? Along with a black t-shirt (no Giants gear for kids was left on the shelves at Target! None!) will be her outfit for tomorrow.