Baby blankie

A while ago, I scored some free green and lavender cotton yarn (among other yarns/notions/goodies) from my neighborhood Buy Nothing group, and it was *perfect* for the baby blanket I wanted to make for my niece’s new baby boy.

Thanks to many PDs and other Zoom meetings, I was able to crochet it up pretty quickly.

In progress

I made a point of only using each yarn once for each square, because man, that would have been too many ends to weave in. It was a lot of ends anyway, so I was fastidious about weaving them in as I went so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed at the end.

I did a very silly thing with this project. I was very keen to drop off the leftover yarns (because there were some full balls and I didn’t want to use them again) at a little free yarn library. Too keen. I dropped them off too soon, forgetting that I still had the border to do! 😆 So I did a simple applied I-cord, and guess what? I won the yarn 🐓 chicken game!

I won! Barely!

My niece was happy with the blanket, hats, and other things we added to the package once I finally got them sent off to her in Wisconsin.🤗

Ta da!

I’m pleased with this project, but I think the next time I crochet a blanket, it will be a chevron or other stripey pattern. I don’t love putting the squares together. On the other hand, it’s a great project for meetings or other times when your hands want to be busy while your brain has to pay attention to something else.

Happy crafting!